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    Historical themes, especially Ninja and Wild West, Modular buildings, and modern Architecture


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  1. From Series Two, my favorites are: Hoplite, Pharaoh, Skier, and Mime. I've voted for Hoplite, because I'm a big fan of ancient things. But for me, Series 1 is still best. Like Wrestler and Astronaut. I'm still want to collect the whole Series
  2. Engene

    MOC: Lego stadium

    It's a very huge MOC, I like it No any crest of team which is playing here (like on Emirates Stadium, photo below) Like idea with construction, too
  3. Engene

    playmobil project - merchants' guild

    Good convertion.Are you try to add Playmobil figures into this building?I think that they will be look great with it. Some years ago, when Playmobil sets started to appear in Russia, I also try to convert it, but... I haven't so much Lego as now. And one question: What is the year of release the original Playmobil set?
  4. Engene

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Just for fun, I've searched Brickset for 2829 set - I had lots of fun. And in real, are these numbers the days of Comic Con?
  5. Engene

    Ben 10 discussion thread

    I saw some series of this serial on satellite TV and I don't like them.Avatar is better for me.IMHO this sets will be only a new resource of lime colour parts.
  6. Engene

    Post Office and Embassy

    It's a very coll MOC!!!
  7. Engene

    Blohmton Police Station

    It's a very cool MOC!!!
  8. Engene

    Favourite Dragon?

    My favorite is a new Castle dragon
  9. Engene

    New Creator sets for 08

    It's very cool house !!!
  10. Engene

    What are you listening to?

    50 cent - curtis, eminem, sunhine avenue and some russian music
  11. Engene

    Hi everybody!

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  12. Engene


    Yes,lego is a very popular toy in Russia. If you understand Russian you can go to russian fan forum of lego russian lego importer
  13. Engene

    What did you buy today?

    one week ago I bought 7660
  14. Engene

    City 2008

    It is very good news , but in russia ,we haven't got all Lego's sets.I'm afraid of...
  15. Engene


    Hi! my name is Engene. I'm from Moscow, Russia. I'm intrested in Lego (City, Star Wars and Exo - force) and Warhammer FB.