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    [ENTRY] 6269 Islander Palace

    Now that's a proper set that could have been produced by Lego at the time. I had to scroll up again to confirm I'm reading a contest entry and not a cancelled set I didn't know about.
  2. I wonder how you make such assumptions. I don't like the madewithbrix design, Loewenstein and Bluebrixx castle designs. They all may have some merits, but they don't manage to blend the world of minifigures with the impression of thick castle stone walls well enough. 10305 on the other hand I like, it's in my eyes a modern take on the art style you called "design peak of 1992".
  3. Awesome! That's how I played Lego back in the day: trying to recreate things from the catalog.
  4. I seem to have compared it with for some reason, but the general point is the same. Anyway, buying used parts instead of 3x 31120 or comparing it with discounted prices wouldn't be a fair comparison at this point IMO.
  5. Well, let's compare them then. The 10305 castle for 400 euro has 4500 parts. 3x31120 for 300 euro has 3000 (used) parts. Dimensions of the closed 10305 are 38(height)x45(width)x34cm(depth). 3x31120 is 42(h)x31(w)x39(d) cm. 10305 has a better minifig collection in terms of number, variation, and animals. So, I really don't see how it's too expensive, too small or overall lacking. The only point I can understand is someone not liking the design of it, as that's a question of taste.
  6. LegoJakob

    [MOC] Western set that never existed: 6768

    I love it. It fits extremely well but looks so much better than the original sets. The increased details really make the set.
  7. LegoJakob

    [MOC] The Black Serpent

    I love the small boat! I had to pause the previous video in several places to figure out how you built it. So, the instructions in the new video are very appreciated! Since I was building some pirate stuff at the time, I changed the back side of the boat a bit and made some other modifications here and there.
  8. LegoJakob

    What is the REAL cost of new molds in 2021?

    The cost of new molds is not the only cost when introducing new parts. Parts need to be stored and that space comes with limitation and cost as well. I don't know what regulatory rules LEGO needs to follow, but I bet they store replacement parts for their mass production sets for some time. I always thought the reason why CMFs have so many new molds is because of their nature they would be excluded from the need to store replacement parts for them.