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  1. Brick World Project

    50,000+ bricks are in this 100% custom Lego river

    This river with slope, beach, bridge and lighting is made of more than 50,000 bricks and is part of my Brick World, a massive project that can be followed on YouTube. The channel is German, but there are (automatic) English subtitles and two to three updates per week.
  2. Welcome to my Brick World and welcome to the City of Brickgate! A project from Germany... Since August 2020, I've been working on a large and, most importantly, realistic LEGO city whose progress you can follow several times a week on my YT Channel. The feedback of my community plays a big role Here I show you some current pictures of my work. There are more than 100,000 bricks on the table so far and there will be many more to come. Also extensions of the area are already planned. Big highlight is the station, which takes an area of 10 plates with 48x48 studs each, is completely modular and is built on three levels. In addition, there is also the old city wall and an old town is also planned... In addition, the entire project will also be gradually illuminated. You can also visit YT and leave a subscription, if you always want to see the latest from Brickgate and Brick World! City Tour from May 2021: Current pictures from today: