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  1. Great job, nice to see something totally different build up from lego. My mom owns a looming machine and it looks much like this (well a bit bigger though..).
  2. Looks very promising. I see you have included Terraglide™ and SuperSteer™ (Unimog ball joint?) from the real t8000 serie. Cant't wait to see the finished model! Keep us posted.
  3. Wow.. what a MOC! It looks very sleek, and I love the functions. As a farm boy I can say that this is very close to the real thing. Great job with the video and pics also.
  4. Not easy, but here goes my votes: 1) 13. Water Strider 2 votes 2) 14. Piper Super Cub Float Plane 2 votes 3) 10. Leviathan 2 votes 4) 8. Steampunk shark submersible 1 vote
  5. There's so many great and stunning entryes in this competition, but this water strider is my personal favorite. It looks so real, I bet my wife would be scared to see that thing on the kitchen table! Good luck.
  6. That snow runner is great!
  7. Cool MOC, but I'm wondering how long the batteries will last with 2 buggy + 1 XL-motor... However in the video it runs great!
  8. If somebody has bought instructions from mr. Kuipers, and parts for the car from somewhere and is now selling the car as second handed... Then I don't really see where's the problem. Would be different if he/she have taken lots of copies from instructions and selling them. Or is here something I don't understand? E: ok I see now she do not mention that it's NK:s design.. then it is a bit on the grey area.
  9. Nico, I really like your models. This last (latest?) one is no exception. And the fact that you create instructions practically for every model, is very appreciated! Keep up the good work.
  10. Igor, your JD is really awesome. It really looks like a real thing. As an owner of real JD tractor, I think I have a quite good reference. My JD is smaller though, it is 6620 from -06. Great job!
  11. Thank you! It looks better in the video than in the pics. I think it will go to my buy list!
  12. Nice, I like it! It's cool to have remote controlled gears. I see you have used m-motor for drive, it is probably just not strong enough for rest of the gears. After I changed the motor to XL, it was slipping and crunching gears, but afer some tweaking (making connections stronger, finding correct gear setup between motor and axle) it worked fine with all gears.
  13. Making this model run fast with RC was not my target, but able to drive it in any gear, just like you said. I have now added XL-motor, and it drives very well with gears 1-5 (and reverse). I didn't gear it down as far I have understood what gearing means, I have one 16 gear in motor and second 16 gear in axle what goes trought gearbox (center). That said I don't know these things too well, maybe I geared it down accidentally. I'm running the motor with 7,2V, so it seems to be quite slow. The car is definitely not going fast even with 5th gear, but it is good speed for model that size. And like I said, my goal was not to make it actually fast. I'd say its top speed is quite perfect to drive inside. What pleases me most is the motorized gearbox, changing gear from 4th to 5th and back works very well while driving. It doesn't change speed much, but it works! I will try to take good pictures and better video later.
  14. I see, you are saying that gears and axles should be stronger, not motor weaker. But still, what if I gear the motor up a bit for a little less torque? And maybe use lighter wheels instead of the originals, would that help? I'm also using 1,2v rechargeable batteries instead of 1,5v, so I assume that the motor provides less torque that way. I'm going to try it anyway, if I destroy gears and axles so be it... I want to see it myself. And I have spares.