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  1. TommyProductionsInc

    Looking For A New Digital Brick Building Program

    Thanks for the warm welcome. So far, I've found lots of promise with, but I'll keep your suggestion of Mecabricks in mind.
  2. I'm looking for a new lego-building program to use for my personal projects. Lego Digital Designer was pretty good, but I found some faults in it that won't be fixed due to it's support being discontinued by LEGO. I was hoping there may be a CAD Lego building software that could help me with my Lego projects and help succeed in the following areas that LDD failed me, including- A more complete index of Lego parts, old and new: I found that not only did LDD not have an up-to-date index on the lego parts of today (because it's no longer being updated), but it also was missing parts from much older sets, like older 1990s pirate ships and space sets. Is there a program out there that is more comprehensive? A counter for how many of each type of piece you're using. I was hoping I could find a quick easy solution to actively keep track of the number and types of parts I'm working with. LDD only ket track of the total pieces. A physics engine that allows for mechanisms to function. I'm curious of there's any kind of program for lego building that can emulate the functionality of various types of technic mechanisms I've wanted to work on. If I were to ever come up with something actually worth selling online or promoting, what program has the most relaxed terms of service for it's usage in marketing? I may be inclined to sell a thing or two, assuming that's even possible for a nobody like me. Is there a program out there that can fulfill all 4 of these needs of mine? I don't mind having to pay for a program, but my computer is kinda old. I don't know the specs of my computer, but what I do know is that it can run LDD perfectly fine, it just starts up kinda slow (starting up at anything is an issue for this computer, but it can still perform pretty well for me needs). It has a sticker describing it as a "CORE i3 7th Generation" Intel thing. I'm not very computer-savvy, so pardon me if this is lackluster information.