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  1. Hello everyone, first thing I have to say is that I didn't know where to post this MOC so I've posted it here. The motivation in this MOC is that I have learned how to make tiled walls as well as play with plates to also make them differently but I was missing some tiles in dark red 1x1 to post it. Also playing a bit more with Thor's hammers to make cobblestones as I used this technique in a previous MOC and as I put them in a tidy way I didn't like the result, I couldn't think how to mess them up more back then... This time I am more pleased with the aesthetics as they look a bit messy and that was the intention. Without further ado, V (for Vendetta) saves Eve: 1 by Rafael Muriel, on Flickr If you click on the image you can see some more images on I hope you like it
  2. Muriel


    No doubt, this is one of my favorite dioramas forever, incredible work here!!!
  3. Muriel

    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    This creation is absolutely incredible! Fantastic work here!!!
  4. Muriel

    Steampunk Explorers

    Fantastic, no words!
  5. Muriel

    [Freebuild] Hideout

    Marvellous! I like everything, but the detail of the water with the horns... mmm :)
  6. Muriel

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    This is brilliant! I gather that the chest opens at the bottom hinges. Excellent work!
  7. Muriel

    [MOC] Little diorama medieval.

    Thank you all. The technique behind the bridge is so simple. I use the part number x127c11 (in bricklink database) inside of the structure. Give me flexibility and looks great :)
  8. Many thanks for your kind answers. Unfortunately, I took the idea of the floor from an excellent builder and adapted it to my construction, it is not an original idea of mine. The book i don't remember the set now, but in bricklink appear with the reference 33009 in many colors.
  9. A little moc, we can see a marriage proposal perhaps in the Victorian era. Superfun! The pretender. by Rafael Muriel, en Flickr Greetings,
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first diorama medieval and my second post here on eurobricks. I had a lot of fun building it. The bridge and the planks of the house have given me a lot of work but I like the result. Greetings to all! 12 by Rafael Muriel, en Flickr
  11. Muriel

    Hi, my name is Muriel.

    Thank you!
  12. Muriel

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    No words... this is absolutely awesome!
  13. Muriel

    MOC: "You're right Shaggy!"

    Wow, is so clear!!! :)