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    Batcave of Batman

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  1. Kloou

    The Batcave of Batman

    Thanks guys Yes it was idea ... that it was fun
  2. Kloou

    The Batcave of Batman

    Thank's Since this incident, no news from Robin
  3. Kloou

    The Batcave of Batman

    Thank's Yes, it's a mix of all the Batman "universes"
  4. Kloou

    The Batcave of Batman

    Hopla ! After 2 years of work, here is finally the monumental underground headquarters of batman : The Batcave Here are photos of the batcave without the light effects I realized that there were several possible interpretations to determine Batcave's style. I decided to go for a rather classic version with a cave atmosphere! The base of the Batcave is on 2 plates of 48x48 but in the end, it is much bigger! It is about 1.70m long and I have added LEDs all over the building. We obviously find in this Batcave, the great classics of the Batman universe, the Batmobiles (different eras), the Bat-computer, the bat-armory, etc... and the supervillains of course! The Batcave of Batman by Kloou, sur Flickr The Batcave - The Batmobile 89 by Kloou, sur Flickr The Batcave - Barbara Gordon by Kloou, sur Flickr The Batcave - Scarecrow by Kloou, sur Flickr the other photos on my gallery : Flickr
  5. Kloou

    [MOC] Grogu (Baby Yoda)

    Lego bricks customized by artists were exhibited at Let's Go (French exhibition in Alsace ) last weekend. We could see ... Grogu ! When a red brick gives birth to a new hope : Grogu (Baby Yoda) ! Grogu (Baby Yoda) by Kloou., sur Flickr Photo ©Bartosch Salmanski
  6. Kloou

    Warhammer III - Kislev vs Khorne Demons

    This is a super build ! Great job !
  7. Nice shoot ! Nice scene !
  8. Good work ! Very well executed the Egyptian art-style.
  9. Kloou

    Beep beep!!!!

    Excellent ! Very funny !
  10. Kloou

    [LEGO IDEAS] Davy Jones by Namirob

    Awesome MOC ! Good luck for the vote !
  11. Kloou

    [MOC] Blue retro roadster

    Nice creation, beautiful rendering !
  12. Kloou

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    Nice set but personally I'm waiting for the DeLorean set
  13. Kloou

    Hello, i'am Kloou...

    Thank for the welcoming
  14. Test image... Batmobile - Batman vs Superman by Kloou., sur Flickr Link... Lien
  15. Kloou

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Very nice diorama and happy to have seen you at Let's go