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    What do you do with your Lego?

    This might sound like quite a stupid question, but I see that on this website many AFOL's do a lot of different things with their Lego. I personally display my sets and I occasionally make some brickfilms. I thought it would be interesting to find the most popular AFOL activity! If you do more than one thing with your Lego (which most of you probably do) try and pick the thing you mainly do
  2. greeny

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Is it me or those this environment look like it was built in a sandbox type mode, similar to Disney Infinity's Toy Box mode? The empty background, generic modular buildings and flat ground suggest that this isn't a level.
  3. They look very different from the usual types of Lego sets, which is great. I can't wait to see more
  4. I really hope that the villian levels return from Lego Batman 2, because they doubled the amount of levels in the game. Also, the whole 'heroes team up with villains' thing sounds interesting
  5. Hopefully we'll get: A fully exploreable Gotham (with none of those huge statues ) and Metropolis, with the hub being the Justice League watchtower. 15 hero missions, then 15 villain missions like in the first Lego Batman game. Side missions like Lego Marvel has. Missions aren't just in Gotham, they can take place on Oa, Paradise Island, Fortress of Solitude, STAR Labs and other famous DC locations. Big figs like Lego Marvel (Bane, Killer Croc, Doomsday) The game focuses more on the Justice League than just Batman. Improved flying controls.
  6. After building the Mirkwood Elf Army set I decided to make a brickfilm using all of those orcs. I quickly got my Aragon minifigure and animated this video:
  7. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Yeah, I wish we could of also had some more back-story for Mazahs, like how he got his powers. Also, Justice League #30's final page was crazy!
  8. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Probably Deadpool due to his healing factor and his 4th wall breaking skills. So, who's read Forever Evil #7? I'm really excited now that
  9. greeny

    Future Superhero Set Ideas

    Green Lantern and the Flash versus Sinestro: £20 Includes Green Lantern, Flash and Sinestro, all as they appear in the Lego Batman 2 video game. The set is made up of a destroyed car that can explode and a small building that has been damaged. Green Lantern comes with green bricks to make a fist and Sinestro comes with yellow bricks to make twin wrecking balls. Aquaman and Mera versus Black Manta: £12 Includes Aquaman, Mera and Black Manta based on their New 52 designs. Aquaman has his trident and Mera has some blue water pieces to show her water powers. The set is made up of Black Manta's boat which has a chest filled with Atlantis relics. The boat has a play feature which can launch Black Manta out of the drivers seat.
  10. greeny

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    I actually think that DC shouldn't make movies. Instead, they should make a Justice League TV show with a Game of Thrones budget and advertising. 10 episodes a series, each epidoes introduces a new character until we get to the 7 members. Each season could add more underrated characters, whilst other characters such as the Flash and Green Arrow get their own TV shows.
  11. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    I'm waiting for the trade or omnibus to come out because it's likely to be cheaper than buying each weekly issue.
  12. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Has anyone read the new Amazing Spiderman #1? Apparently it's the best selling comic since 1999(!). I'm normally a trade waiter, but I've made a few purchases recently: Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 FCBD Rocket Racoon FCBD Guardians of the Galaxy Amazing Spiderman #1 New 52 Flash #20-#25 New 52 Detective comics #27 (The 80 page comic that celebrate 75 years of Batman) FCBD Future's End #0
  13. That was great! I;m a huge fan of the comic and I thought using the speech about Joker's eyes was a good choice for the trailer. This makes me wish we were getting a full film based on Death of the Family!
  14. DC: Man Bat attack or Mr Freeze vs Arctic Batman Marvel: Spider cycle with Nick Fury's flying car
  15. Arm fall off boy The Ten eyed man (he can see with his fingers!)
  16. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    I read Nightwing Vol 1 and 2. Volume 1- Traps and Trapezes. The Haly circus mystery was really entertaining, but sadly, the book added in alot of weak scenes to pad it out so Nightwing could get involved with the Court of Owls story. Some parts were great (like the final chapter) but there were some borderline awful parts (robot cowboys and voodoo demons). 6.5/10 Volume 2- Night of the Owls. This was a lot better. The Night of Owls crossover was brilliant and the other story line was also good. The only weak part was the rushed #0 issue at the end of the book. They awkwardly showed how Dick became Robin in just a single issue, so the whole thing felt really rushed. 8/10
  17. greeny

    What is the best £/$ 20 superhero set

    I'll rank them in order from best to worst: DC: Lex's Power Amour- The mech is awesome and it's the only set you can get Wonder Woman or Lex Luthor! Bat Boat versus Mr Freeze- The boat is fun with some cool play features and Mr Freeze is an ice minifigure to have in your collection. It's also the only set you can get Aquaman in! Batcopter- Man Bat and Nightwing are great but the helicopter is a bit clunky in desgin. Black Zero Escape-
  18. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    I would also like the Rouge's to get their own series! I hope DC gives it a chance, seeing as how well Superior Foes of Spiderman appears to be doing.
  19. I wasn't very excited when I first heard about the Simpsons minifigures, but now that we have pictures (and a brilliant review) I must say that I think the minifigures are quite sweet. I'll be choo choo choosing this series.
  20. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Well, I just took the plunge and ordered Nightwing Volume 1 and 2 of Amazon. I'm excited to see how they tie into the Court of Owls story, especially with the revelations made at the end of Batman vol 1.
  21. greeny

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I saw Captian America: The Winter Soldier. It was amazing. It's my favorite Phase 2 Marvel film (so far).
  22. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Okay thanks But did you mean Scott Snyder's Batman? Because I'm already reading that.
  23. greeny

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Does anyone know if Nightwing's New 52 series is worth reading? I like the character but I'm not sure if the series is good...
  24. greeny

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Kid Icarus was fantastic! It's in my top 5 3ds games. Also, how is Yoshi's New Island? I was thinking of picking it up but I haven't heard great things about it
  25. greeny

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    I finished South Park: Stick of Truth. It's a very funny game with some... uh... interesting moments.