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  1. But something is very off with that Quarren, the teeth look like a nose, the eyes look like a... dog? The skin looks almost like fur... Maybe one has to see it in real life
  2. I need multiples of this Quarren! Hoping for recolours in the Future too.
  3. Hot take: We will get Bib Fortuna, that face is actually for another figure, like the called Theelin :)
  4. I love those packs!! Good parts, too, won't give me headache to buy multiples :)
  5. That's my "red wedding" in Star Wars :(
  6. Good news for me. No pressure on buying this set by figures, because I collected about 95 % of the parts for the brickvault AT-AT...
  7. MBS Endor or Yavin would be great.
  8. Like it very much! Looks like it contains good parts, we need better quality pics, there is a small chance, the beskar tile is printed. In the background is another Mandalorian helmet, maybe a new print?
  9. Max Rebo

    Seinfeld Lego Ideas Discussion

    I don´t care for the show, but 1300 + parts for 80 € is a great part-out value, good colors!
  10. Not sure on this. Why would Boba look the same in Book of Boba, where he becomes a according to the EndCredit Scene of Mandalorian Season 2. If there is any chance to sell new action figures, they will take this opportunity. Good thing is, we will know more until the Slave I goes EOL :)
  11. A motorized UCS AT-AT won't be a good idea in my opinion, due to the high risk of crashing. No one wants to rebuild it once a month. Maybe it comes with a Hoth-style baseplate. Besides that I'm very curious, what could justify that price point. Maybe there is some innovative metal joints to stabilize it, but I doubt it. I expect a similar model to the brick vault version with lesser functions, that's all. I try to work on my expectation-management :D
  12. Okay time to stop lurking, here are my thoughts on the new set pictures: Imperial Armored Marauder: I just freakin love this set, will get it multiple times for the figures. Greef Kargas torso is also very useful for medieval stuff. The build is good for this price point, looks like a good part-out to me. I also love the fact, we are getting two of the imperial crates from 75290 Slave I: Well done, really well done. I own the older versions too, but at this price point, you cant do anything wrong, at least a good part out value. Besides that I think there is a good chance, the Boba Figure might be exclusive. There is no way, Boba looks the same in the upcoming Book of Boba Series, They will not miss the opportunity to sell more action figures, so Boba will most likely get a new outfit, something like "Crimelord Boba" Regarding the helmet colour. Dark green would be better, the problem may be the contrast to the "cheeks", a full dark green helmet might look odd. Migs Mayfeld would have been a great addition. Imperial Light Cruiser: It´s okay, I think they did a good job, it isnt an easy target. Its hard to compare it to the star destroyer playsets, because u only can use half the model for interior space. Looking at the pictures I´m sure the figures can stand upright in the closed model, look at the two 2x8 LBG Slopes as reference. Fennec Shand is gorgeus, Moff Gideon is okay. Love the Tie Fighter shooting function in the Front!