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  1. moditor

    [TC20] 1972 go kart

    ah ok i was at school when i made this topic so i can't type alot
  2. moditor

    [TC20] 1972 go kart

    can you send me the link on how to start a topic, i'm a newbie
  3. this competition i will make the 1972 go cart: more will follow because i can't take pictures at this time
  4. moditor

    [TC13] The Tiger Pull Bug

    is there instructions, love to rebuild this!
  5. moditor

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    @Seasider can you email me the ldd/io file?
  6. moditor

    [MINI] Front Loader

    can you email me the ldd? edit: removed email address
  7. woah that's cool
  8. moditor

    [MINI] Offroad Trike

    is there instructions?