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  1. JakeS

    Modulars - Alternative Builds

    Thanks! I personally like that one the most too, because of the story :) I don't have the Home Alone house either, so that won't be possible. I think it might certainly be a nice set to make an alterternative build of! For now I still have some other sets I would like to try to MOC. I would like to make a church of the 3-1 Creator Castle, and maybe some day an alt of the Boutique Hotel.
  2. JakeS

    Modulars - Alternative Builds

    I finished the alternative build of the Downtown Diner! It's called: Dungeons & Dum-Dums :p It's a game shop (board games, video games) and a candy shop. On the first floor is a house. And on the attic, there's a collection of several fantasy-related items: a wizard staff and hat, lightswords, etc. I used only the parts of the Downtown Diner, including spare parts. For more pictures, see: https://bricksafe.com/pages/JakeSch89/diner
  3. JakeS

    Modulars - Alternative Builds

    I started working on a building with the parts of the Downtown Diner: It's going to be a candy store and a boardgame shop :)
  4. JakeS

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Amazing! I love the roof, and the bright colors :)
  5. JakeS

    Modulars - Alternative Builds

    Mocscout has placed a review of the Assembly Alleyway on YouTube :)
  6. JakeS

    Stop Motion Video about my illuminated Lego City

    Very cool and very funny! :)
  7. Very nice, and also impressive! I really like the water and the bridge, working at this scale gives many possibilities :) How large would the city be in real life? Are you maybe planning to build it in real life some day?
  8. JakeS

    Modulars - Alternative Builds

    Thanks! That's a nice compliment, about the small European town. I think that's what I aimed for :) I agree with you, the Downtown Diner will be much tougher. But I can always try! Maybe it might be difficult to make a 32 studs wide-building, but I could try something else (though I don't yet know what or how). Thanks! I like your city, awesome! :)
  9. JakeS

    Modulars - Alternative Builds

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on Eurobricks (after the "Hello my name is..."-topic). My name is Jake. I have been collecting and building modulars and alternative builds designed by others since a few years. A few months ago I tried to make an alternative build of a modular myself. I wanted an inverted corner for my city (called "Steendam"), so I tried making a MOC of the Assembly Square. For this MOC I used quite a lot of techniques of the original one, for the interior and the exterior, because I wasn't that confident that I would succeed in making a finished building. The result was the Assembly Alleyway: For more pictures, see this page on Bricksafe. What I like most about this building myself is that the front of the building consists of several small facades. Also, I liked the extra space in front of the building, because some parts are moved backward a little on the baseplate. I enjoyed making this one very much! So much that a month ago I decided to try to make an alternative of the Bookshop. I like all of the modulars, but the blue house of the bookshop was difficult to place in my city, due to it's height and it's bright color. That's why I wanted to try making something else out of it. The result is the Bistro Bookshop: For more pictures, see this page on Bricksafe. I used a technique of the original house for the roof of the building in the middle, but the rest is my own idea. Part of the fun was trying to make this building stand out a bit by having three small facades again, and placing a part of the building backward. I spent more time on the interior of this building. Also, I made up a story about it: The owner of the bookshop is an author. He is a creative man, who made his passion his job. Unfortunately he doesn't make enough money with the bookshop. That's why the owner tried opening a bistro in the shop, to make sure more people visit his bookshop, and he tried to make some extra money by painting art. But still he can't make ends meet. What would he give to have a toilet, and a shower with running water!Recently, on one of his bookshelves he found a book about crime. It gave him an idea: in secret he started working on a money press in the attic. It does not work just yet, but it won't be long before all his problems will be over!Sometimes, when he is sleeping, he hears some strange noises from the attic. Could it be that there's another resident in his house, lurking in the shadows, with a fondness of cheese? (The building on the right is another MOC I made, based on a building from the "Lego Neighbourhood Book" by Jason and Brian Lyles. I made it of 4x set 31097). The last alternative build I made was a MOC of the Police Station. The fun about alternative builds is trying to work with what you have. The idea for the next building, the Crooks Crib, started with the roof of the building on the right: For more pictures, see this page on Bricksafe. The story of this building is: Meet the Crooks! Cecilia and Cedric seem like an ordinary, friendly couple, living in their house next to the local Police Station. The perfect neighbours. But unlike the owner of the Bistro Bookshop, these two are professional criminals. All over their house they hid the loot of their latest jewelry heist. They have a secret lair where they eat their stolen donuts and plan their evil deeds. And they are so bold, they even stashed the spoils of their heist on the art gallery in the unused attic of the police station! Let's hope the police don't decide to renovate the attic soon.What the two don't know, is that the cops are onto them, gathering evidence. But.. even if one day the police come knocking on the door, they still have an escape plan. And something tells me that if one of them would be arrested, he or she won't be in jail for a long time.. I think this building is the most original of the three, both interior and exterior. The part I'm most proud of is the bed on the second floor :) Again, I tried to make several facades, and play a bit with the length of the sidewalks. I had a lot of fun making up the story and working it out in the build. I also made manuals for the buildings and shared them on Rebrickable. For free, because I don't feel very comfortable with asking money for it. Some alternative builds have way more sophisticated building techniques than mine, or feel more finished. I am not trying to make perfect builds, I just have fun building and sharing what I built :) Here's a picture of all three builds combined: I think next stop might be an alternative build of the Downtown Diner, though it seems like a very difficult set to make a MOC of ;)
  10. Hi! My name is Jake. I live in the Netherlands. I loved Lego as a child. I did not have many big sets, but I saved for a long time to buy the Lionheart Castle (6098), with which I played a lot. A few years ago I rebuilt the castle, and I enjoyed it very much. About a year later, when the Covid-pandemic started, I bought the big Hogwarts-castle (71043). After that, I bought my first modular, and that was the start of a new addiction :p By now, I have a room dedicated to my Lego city, Steendam! It grew out from a one-street-city to a big Metropolis. I like shifting buildings in the city and changing the city plan almost as much as building with Lego. I built many modular buildings, the official Legosets and alternative builds made by others. I tried to make MOCs too. A few months ago, I shared instructions of an alternative build for the first time. An inverted corner, the Assembly Alleyway. After that, I made two other alternative builds, the Bistro Bookshop and the Crooks Crib. My style is: not one big building, but several smaller ones of about 6-12 studs wide, so even a few modulars next to each other already look like a street. I also try to play a bit with the width of the sidewalks. For me, the most important thing is not making something perfect, but having fun building and sharing my creations :)