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    Collectable Minifig Series 21 - Space Police Guy

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    Classic Space through about the original Aliens line


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  1. ThomusBean

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    ^ I think sorcerer Mickey would be a good one and popular.
  2. ThomusBean

    Two Old Rivals

    Yeah. Definitely like that upgrade to the commander. Just posted my version of Solar collector and Metal extractor to Rebrickable today. Hopefully will be doing more soon.
  3. ThomusBean

    Hello I'm Thomus Bean

    Yeah always welcome. We meet every second Saturday at the Uncle Sam's on 83rd.
  4. ThomusBean

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Totally agree. Would love to see the trans-neon green and trans-neon orange in all the modern windscreen shapes. I often keep a black light handy when I am doing M:tron, Blacktron and Ice Planet builds to get a good feel for the way those parts will fluoresce.
  5. ThomusBean

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I know I am new here but I am interested too. I look forward to the new format and changes as they come. Thanks.
  6. ThomusBean

    Two Old Rivals

    Hi Mugbearer, Sorry for digging up such an old post but I have recently shared this old game with my son an it inspired a couple of MOCs that we built digitally. I came across your models and I hope you don't mind me using them in some background renders. We designed our own solar collector and metal extractor, and plan to branch out into some other structures. I had stared on my own much larger scale commander a while ago but it has bee sitting unfinished for quite some time, but it may be time to revisit that MOC.
  7. ThomusBean

    Hello I'm Thomus Bean

    Hello I have Bookmarked many a page on Eurobricks over the years but just now got around to joining. I have been active on ReBrickable for just over a year now and have really enjoyed sharing MOCs there. I have also recently posted my first real model to LEGO Ideas. I have been a member of Valley of the Brick I the Phoenix AZ area for about 4 years. We do small displays at the local libraries periodically and big Easter and Christmas interactive community build events In the park every year. I have 4 kids with a strong interest in the Minecraft and Ninjago lines. We also try to work on GBC modules and programable Boost creations. My personal interests revolve around Architecture and Space themes from classic space to about the original Aliens line. I am an Architect and designer and I do a lot of 3D modeling. I wish I was a bit better at castle designs (and had the parts). I look forward to sharing creations tips and tricks and the whole AFOL experience with everyone here.