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    My name isn't Slim Shady

    Welcome and hi from Prague :) Looking forward to see Karlštejn a Pražský Hrad maybe...nah just kidding build whatever fortress you would like! :)
  2. tomfow


    Hello there! I´m new guy in town. Fan of Aquazone and technics. Well I suck at doing my own MOC but I have some nice plans ahead. After years I opened my old child boxes and felt again in love with my Aquazone. Yeah, and got idea to re-do 42055 Bucket Excavator as underwater mining facility :D ..yeah, so i rather move before I start to bother you as soon as I started here. :)
  3. Cool. After so many years I stumbled upon this page and I lan to build it for 2021 :-) Probably nobody around has list of bricks at least if not instruction for this beauty... :D