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  1. 2 hours ago, m2fel said:

    There was a issue with the actuators and some sets  had v1 infrared receivers and some v2. 

    I don't recall any other differences thus I am surprised by the rebrickable inventories. 

    If you manage to get the faulty actuators it is a cheap fix (buy some new actuator:) compared to the price of the set in a sealed box and it should work with v1 and v2 receivers. Why are you so interested in the version?

    I know. It started just out of curiosity for both me and seller. Not saying the difference in parts (price) is so vast but seems it is not so easy to distinguish it and generally I like to know what Im buying.

  2. 32 minutes ago, anyUser said:

    On most technic boxes the production code is printed black letters on (only) one of the sealing tapes. It is (very) difficult to find and read. Older ones have them punched into the box material.

    My box has 34M1, one of the actuators 20X1 What kind of 'actuators are we talking about?

    There is older thread about the issue - With explanation about large linear actuators

    Plus according to rebrickable there is difference in items

    I Will ask seller for pictures of all seals and all sides. He was unable to find anything else there so far..Plus we agreed upon hand to hand trade so it is really not like he is hiding info :)

  3. Hi guys, I´m looking into this set and thinking about buying some unoponed ones but how do I say if the set is revised version or not?

    I know about this older post

    So basically it should be easy if the box is opened and person can inspect parts. But any way to say so just from box outside?


  4. On 4/9/2022 at 5:17 PM, Maaboo35 said:

    Could call it "Grævling", considering it's Danish. :laugh: Or you could just stick with "Badger" since it looks like the Czech word for excavator, "Bager".

    Just small note from czech person - it is "Bagr" in czech language and "Bager" in Slovakia :pir_tong2: Which is totally different bro country ..both former parts of Czechoslovakia just to make things less complicated :roflmao:

  5. Hi, is there a way to contact inactive person? Would it be for example possible to send email with help of mods? Of course I don´t mean getting contact for myself, just asking if there is any way. Not much else I can try to contact him... :/

  6. On 1/12/2022 at 4:06 AM, Lord Insanity said:

    As far as Avatar 2 goes I never said I hate Avatar or Cameron.  I don't know where that idea is coming from at all.  I found Avatar entertaining but completely average.  I would rank it higher than Jupiter Ascending but lower than Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.  I have no doubt Avatar 2 will make money but I suspect it will wind up like Lone Ranger and John Carter and waste so much money on marketing that they "didn't make back their budget."  After all it can't count on the Titanic fans to come out a watch it like what happened to the first one.  I hope I am wrong, a sci-fi movie doing well can only lead to more sci-fi being green lighted by Hollywood after all.  Most importantly we would be more likely to get more cool sci-fi Lego sets.  :moar:

    The story is exactly what I was referring to as being "meh whatever".  That is what the collective audience did too.  Avatar didn't become a modern pop culture icon the way Star Wars or even Terminator did.  Considering the marketing campaign for the movie was all about "From the director of Titanic" I absolutely believe it's box office take was directly related to people that would not normally care for sci-fi going to see it because "Titanic".  That won't happen with the sequel because the Titanic fans know what it is now.  I really do hope I am wrong because I would love to see some quality sci-fi getting Hollywood executives' attention.

    Well, it will be interesting if Cameron will be able to make "better" second part (not evens tarting about 3rd, 4th, 5th). I can imagine bigger "water" focus this time and that´s it. Plus the original characters weren´t so interesting. Well we will se soon (TM).

  7. 4 hours ago, nerdsforprez said:

    Its fun to see at least some information regarding new sets.  Thanks for posting at least the introductory information.  

    But not sure what you mean here.. TLG repeats itself all the time.  Same machine, with just a little tiny twist on it...

    Yup, like I would love to see Ait Tank or something like that. But I doubt we will see another pneu set so short after 42128. :/

  8. On 1/17/2019 at 6:07 PM, Aanchir said:

    Aquazone was definitely a little more ambiguous. It could have been in space, it could have been on earth, or it could have been some parallel world like in Bionicle, Legends of Chima, or Ninjago that is not even in the same universe as Earth. It doesn't help that up until the 2000s, a lot of LEGO media and marketing material was not taken all too seriously as far as storytelling goes, so the "official" story would often vary from country to country or even from one media format to another within the same country. Ultimately, though, the decision to give it its own discrete branding and release it at the same time as various Space sets leads me to think that the designers wanted people to think of it as its own thing and not as part of LEGO Space.

    The original Aquazone could be easily "space" but with laters Aqua Raiders II and then Alpha Team, i got too diluted. But I love original sets and there are some really great MOCs around to expand it. :) Definitelly with 6989 MOC you can imagine as Aquanauts are minings crystals for M:Trons for example. Plus I remember there were rumors about Aquazone monorail which would be awesome plus it would tie it even more with "space" sets...