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    [MOC] Aquanauts - Listening Post

    Love MK II Aquanaut armor! :)
  2. I know. It started just out of curiosity for both me and seller. Not saying the difference in parts (price) is so vast but seems it is not so easy to distinguish it and generally I like to know what Im buying.
  3. Hi guys, I´m looking into this set and thinking about buying some unoponed ones but how do I say if the set is revised version or not? I know about this older post So basically it should be easy if the box is opened and person can inspect parts. But any way to say so just from box outside?
  4. There is older thread about the issue - With explanation about large linear actuators Plus according to rebrickable there is difference in items I Will ask seller for pictures of all seals and all sides. He was unable to find anything else there so far..Plus we agreed upon hand to hand trade so it is really not like he is hiding info :)
  5. Yup, I found the same info but according to seller there is nothing more. It is not like he is trying to hide info, he is as well curious about which version he has..
  6. Ok...there is bar code on plastic tape sealing the box, code reads 12. There is no other manufacturing code on the box.
  7. tomfow

    [MOC] Aquasharks - Sea Pincer

    Great! Looking forward to it! :)
  8. tomfow

    [MOC] Aquasharks - Sea Pincer

    Great scenery! I´m rooting for Aquanauts but they need proper enemies ;-)
  9. Just small note from czech person - it is "Bagr" in czech language and "Bager" in Slovakia Which is totally different bro country ..both former parts of Czechoslovakia just to make things less complicated
  10. Next big crane. Sorry for low effort posting but it looks like super massive built...and ship :D
  11. I hope there will be something else than just two large and one small pneu cylinder. Cabin will be most likely manual as with 42053. Arm seems to be with 3 cylinders as 42053...hmm I would like to see something to make it little more unique than 42053 with claws from 42042/42006.
  12. Oh lovely! Pneu set! Still no sign of Air Tank (damn I would love Air Tank again...)
  13. 2005 - Mobile Crane 2007 - M. Bulldozer 2010 - M. Excavator 2013 - M. Crane II 2014 - Loader 2016 - Bucket 2018 - Red Crane 2019 - Liebherr 2020 - Hauler 2021 - Bulldozer hmmm there were never two tracked vehicles right after each other. (So it is good rule to break :D ) so I would bet on some wheel car ..loader? Big loader? :D
  14. tomfow

    HELP! ! !

    ok, thank you for answer. I will try to search for him, already sent message but it is a few years.
  15. tomfow

    Aquanauts Utility Sub

    Wanted to add something to my Aquazone collection. Hopefully I got it right. :) Now onto bigger sub and Harverster.
  16. tomfow

    HELP! ! !

    Hi, is there a way to contact inactive person? Would it be for example possible to send email with help of mods? Of course I don´t mean getting contact for myself, just asking if there is any way. Not much else I can try to contact him... :/
  17. Well, it will be interesting if Cameron will be able to make "better" second part (not evens tarting about 3rd, 4th, 5th). I can imagine bigger "water" focus this time and that´s it. Plus the original characters weren´t so interesting. Well we will se soon (TM).
  18. Yup, like I would love to see Ait Tank or something like that. But I doubt we will see another pneu set so short after 42128. :/
  19. tomfow

    New themes in 2022?

    Just out of curiosity, why we are getting Indiana Jones theme? Did I miss something like new movie? Because the "5" is on hold right? (it is not complain at all! I love the original three films )
  20. tomfow

    Hello everybody

    Hello from Czech Republic :) looking forward to see some nice builds :)
  21. The original Aquazone could be easily "space" but with laters Aqua Raiders II and then Alpha Team, i got too diluted. But I love original sets and there are some really great MOCs around to expand it. :) Definitelly with 6989 MOC you can imagine as Aquanauts are minings crystals for M:Trons for example. Plus I remember there were rumors about Aquazone monorail which would be awesome plus it would tie it even more with "space" sets...
  22. What if it not plane/helicopter but drone model? Sufficiently close to "air" ? But honestly I would love another pneumatic set. Pump + Air tank, maybe something like over-pressure valve to make finally proper electric auto pump....Yeah, just dreaming big. :)
  23. Ok, let´s go nuts. I would love to see electric motor + pneumatic set again. Finally electrical pneu pump, I would love to get air tank and maybe new part like over-pressure valve. One can dream...
  24. tomfow

    My name isn't Slim Shady

    Welcome and hi from Prague :) Looking forward to see Karlštejn a Pražský Hrad maybe...nah just kidding build whatever fortress you would like! :)
  25. tomfow


    Hello there! I´m new guy in town. Fan of Aquazone and technics. Well I suck at doing my own MOC but I have some nice plans ahead. After years I opened my old child boxes and felt again in love with my Aquazone. Yeah, and got idea to re-do 42055 Bucket Excavator as underwater mining facility :D ..yeah, so i rather move before I start to bother you as soon as I started here. :)