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  1. 2005 - Mobile Crane 2007 - M. Bulldozer 2010 - M. Excavator 2013 - M. Crane II 2014 - Loader 2016 - Bucket 2018 - Red Crane 2019 - Liebherr 2020 - Hauler 2021 - Bulldozer hmmm there were never two tracked vehicles right after each other. (So it is good rule to break :D ) so I would bet on some wheel car ..loader? Big loader? :D
  2. tomfow

    HELP! ! !

    ok, thank you for answer. I will try to search for him, already sent message but it is a few years.
  3. tomfow

    Aquanauts Utility Sub

    Wanted to add something to my Aquazone collection. Hopefully I got it right. :) Now onto bigger sub and Harverster.
  4. tomfow

    HELP! ! !

    Hi, is there a way to contact inactive person? Would it be for example possible to send email with help of mods? Of course I don´t mean getting contact for myself, just asking if there is any way. Not much else I can try to contact him... :/
  5. Well, it will be interesting if Cameron will be able to make "better" second part (not evens tarting about 3rd, 4th, 5th). I can imagine bigger "water" focus this time and that´s it. Plus the original characters weren´t so interesting. Well we will se soon (TM).
  6. Yup, like I would love to see Ait Tank or something like that. But I doubt we will see another pneu set so short after 42128. :/
  7. tomfow

    New themes in 2022?

    Just out of curiosity, why we are getting Indiana Jones theme? Did I miss something like new movie? Because the "5" is on hold right? (it is not complain at all! I love the original three films )
  8. tomfow

    Hello everybody

    Hello from Czech Republic :) looking forward to see some nice builds :)
  9. The original Aquazone could be easily "space" but with laters Aqua Raiders II and then Alpha Team, i got too diluted. But I love original sets and there are some really great MOCs around to expand it. :) Definitelly with 6989 MOC you can imagine as Aquanauts are minings crystals for M:Trons for example. Plus I remember there were rumors about Aquazone monorail which would be awesome plus it would tie it even more with "space" sets...
  10. What if it not plane/helicopter but drone model? Sufficiently close to "air" ? But honestly I would love another pneumatic set. Pump + Air tank, maybe something like over-pressure valve to make finally proper electric auto pump....Yeah, just dreaming big. :)
  11. Ok, let´s go nuts. I would love to see electric motor + pneumatic set again. Finally electrical pneu pump, I would love to get air tank and maybe new part like over-pressure valve. One can dream...
  12. tomfow

    My name isn't Slim Shady

    Welcome and hi from Prague :) Looking forward to see Karlštejn a Pražský Hrad maybe...nah just kidding build whatever fortress you would like! :)
  13. tomfow


    Hello there! I´m new guy in town. Fan of Aquazone and technics. Well I suck at doing my own MOC but I have some nice plans ahead. After years I opened my old child boxes and felt again in love with my Aquazone. Yeah, and got idea to re-do 42055 Bucket Excavator as underwater mining facility :D ..yeah, so i rather move before I start to bother you as soon as I started here. :)
  14. Cool. After so many years I stumbled upon this page and I lan to build it for 2021 :-) Probably nobody around has list of bricks at least if not instruction for this beauty... :D