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  1. Looks great, and sounds like lots of fun. I like how you have used the newer missile turrets from the Robot Inventor set instead on the older ones and I am looking forward to how your mini project goes on in the near future!
  2. Ok, Thanks @kbalage, I can now cross off the suspension mod on my list!
  3. Thanks! That sure is some dedication!
  4. Looks great! I love the background. Would you be willing to share the file for the star destroyer?
  5. Hi @HectorMB, as of today the only PU motors in Stud.io are the Wedo 2.0 motor, Boost motor and the Control+ XL Motor. I have needed PU and C+ components in many of my Stud.io builds and have found that the easiest way to do it is to download part designer and import files from 3D modelling software onto it. Some great 3D models of PU components can be found here (You will need to add connectivity in Part Designer). Cheers, 992Bricks
  6. I'm pretty happy with the green, plus it works well with the DGB.
  7. List of improvements that I will give mine: Multi-speed gearbox Buwizz 3.0 @Ngoc Nguyen's hood lock Front Diff lock RC Tires Maybe Buggy Motors or extra L motors Maybe softer shocks at the rear And of course, the obligatory shoebox on the back!
  8. Still waiting on my 3.0 order, hoping it will come soon though, as I have builds just sitting there, gathering dust as they wait for power.
  9. Absolutely blows me away with what you have managed to do with the part limitations and the limitation of the Control+ app. Great work.
  10. @LegoBuilder919 This one is really nice, it is also very compact too; I would share my design, but Studio is not letting me export the instructions.
  11. Some designs that I find really useful are the ones using a differential, and if you want an example, look up 2-speed automatic transmission on YouTube and they should come up.
  12. Love the model but I have two questions; Does it use all the same pieces as 9398 (Except for the wheels) and will you create instructions or a .io file?
  13. According to LEGO.com Australia, which has this set listed as 'Add to Bag', In the description this is written: 'This LEGO® Technic™ 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck (42129) model is packed with authentic details like working suspension on all 4 wheels, a detailed gearbox and differential locking.' Does this mean that there is a gearbox in the set, or is it just describing the Diff Lock?
  14. Here in Australia, we get the budget stores selling them at a standard price 0%-30% off RRP after they have been on shelves for a year or two, and during December and June-July they often go on sale for an additional 20% off.