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  1. I need to edit it. I'll share a little later
  2. quietly moving on... I hope the black axles above gearbox will provide H gearshift scheme (more precisely, they will not be allowed to turn on two gears at once)
  3. Brilliant! In the evening I will try
  4. So I did not know, but technic ball can fit well between two liftarms and It will have 2 degrees of freedom (more precisely even 3) And everything would be great if not for the need for gaps (red lines on pic)
  5. I think I have an idea how to make a shifter with ball-joint. But no morr 4 speeds Thanks! I want the gear lever to swing, not slide
  6. Thank you!) Ackermann - a question to be solved. But angles of rotation will be very sad. And unique gearbox shifter in original 8880 hrad enough to repeat