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  1. Hi all! I join the competition with mini loader. For now, i'm focusing on Bobcat S185 (but yellow, no classic red/white). And plane to make several options for attachments.
  2. RazzPinazzo

    [TC22] Bobcat

    Rebuild all. Now scale is 1:12.5. Hope to complete at deadline...
  3. I understand that certain traditions have been living here. But as a relatively new member of the EB, I will share my thoughts on the ratings: Alternatively, to put separate assessments according to several criteria. Design score, functions score, difficult score (each competition has its own criteria and their significance). Because if I had 50 posts, it would be extremely difficult for me to compare a beautiful car with a functionally complex excavator. Also, it would be interesting to see the ratings of each work. And by the amount of points, it is already possible to determine the candidates for victory.
  4. Everyone has their own opinion, and that is why there are organizers of the competition and the jury. For me, such contests are, first of all, a fun pastime. Results are secondary. And if my work was not assessed as I wanted, then I did something wrong (for example, I preferred someone else's opinion to my understanding of the essence of the competition ). Congrats to the winners, respect for the organizers and thanks to the participants! Wait for another challenge!
  5. And what about all other models? An little overview as an honorable mention prize for participation?
  6. Or use something like this 20t gear between half liftarms.
  7. Click "share" below the picture on flickr, copy link and paste here (press enter after link and it turn into pic
  8. Just for conversation... Currently in top-10 by official rules 7th and 9th places has fewer votes (number of inclusions in the top 6 excluding position) than 11th and 12th places in official rankings. Not such a big difference (certainly not for those who are around 10th place).
  9. U tebya pictures in contest entry topic ischezli
  10. I have long wanted to make a replica 8880, but here is such a case... I doubt that will do very close to the original. But at least it is possible to withstand the scale (tires from Defender are great, the width and length will probably be 1 stud more).
  11. 24. 8880 Supercar studless Original set: 8880 Features: Identical to the original size (1 stud wider) Independent suspension of all wheels (8 x 6.5L hard shock absorbers) Steering by HOG and steering wheel, turning all wheels, Ackermann All-wheel drive 4-speed gearbox with ball-joint selector Identical to the original transmisson (4x4, 3 differntials, 4-speed gearbox, chain drive) V8 fake engine (identical to original camber) Rising headlights Opening hood (in back) Discussion topic:
  12. Give thin 93mm wheels! 1:17 scale to small for 12-speed gearbox, cab suspension and other perversions. And large steering wheel too large for 1:17 scale.
  13. I have to admit, the panels are not mine. So, I continue to use mostly beams. And after some hours of measuring I found a fault in geometry - the rear pillar really turned out to be lower than necessary. Now I need to seriously change the rear part, at the same time redo the roof. Thans for remark. How did you see that?) Diamond eye! I think this is a loose interpretation Thanks) Maybe close to original, but far from good work
  14. Sounds like a gearbox for truck. But there usually 4-gears, demultiplier and multiplier.
  15. 100500 bends? Spare me)) It don't have enough black connectors #3
  16. Thanks I try to replicate original frame in body, but tail of 8880 - it is nightmare for today lego :) And I understand that design is "dirty" for now
  17. At first, I guess I just don't know how to work with panels. 8880 is beautiful like 80th and early 90th supercars like Lambo Countach, Ferrari F512, Corvette C4. Strong lines, edges. And using technnic panels - it is biodesign of 90th (like paintings by salvador dali). About headlights - I will try to make the look more joyful Ok) Thanks But I must not disgrace the legend Sides are in progress now. I have not yet decided whether to make doors that open or strictly follow the original design. Rear spoiler is absolutely temporary, I know that it ugly. For engine I did not use standard modern mounts and make like original - large camber almost like the boxer.
  18. I don't know... So-so for now in my opinion. But looks like replica of old Lambo =) Each panel moves away from the original And what are you think about some crazy idea about arches?
  19. Move to Russia. Here you can buy lego at a discount about 40%... with an average salary $500 per month :)
  20. Comrades, you make me worry) I really respect your opinion, but the rules says "Try to stay as close to the original as possible" many times in every case. You know that "replacement" it is not so easy - connecting by plates and 1/2 studs displacement, specific details in original makes a lot of complications in "studless" design. I think that main problems for me - another gear ratios, modified steering system and some creatives in interior... Anyway, I will continue in the same spirit for now and then we'll see. Thanks for feedback! Yeah, I see that too now. Probably need to lengthen the lower part of the windshield The wheel hubs in 8880 or in my fake?
  21. I can not understand. Everything seems to be clear in size, but body looks like piece of pancake... Who saw the real 8880? Horizontal windshield is normal? Upd: oh... I understood! A little bit better
  22. Current progress Chassis, transmission, suspension, steering (except HOG), engine and headlights is done
  23. After a number of months after construction, I share my first full-fledged MOC Scale - 1:11Weight: 3300 gLength: 57 cm, witdh: 22 cm, height: 23 cmFunctions:All-wheel drive with interaxle and cross-axle differentials, fake engine V8 (copy of ZMZ-66-06) Steering by HOG (in back) or sttering wheel in the cabin Retractable outriggers by PF L-motor (1), transfer case and 2 mini actuators. Turn on/off by switch on operator's wokstation Arm raising by PF L-motor (1), transfer case and L actuator. Turn on/off by switch on operator's wokstation Drill raising by pneumo (compressor by PF L-motor (2)). Turn on/off by switch on operator's wokstation Drill rotation by PF L-motor (2), transfer case and sliding worm gear. Turn on/off by switch on operator's wokstation Opening doors, hood (in the cabin) Cab tipping 4-speed gearbox with H-scheme (shifter in the cabin) Suspension for all wheels