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  1. _Avgvstvs_

    [LEGO Ideas] The fortress of Theodosius

    The Moc is inspired by the walls of Theodosius, furniture and so on, I'm always inspired by the same period (5th century AD). A thick door protected by towers allows access to the first courtyard of the fort. A second more imposing door surrounded by equally imposing towers allows access to the fortress. On the ground floor of the same we find the warehouse, the kitchen, the stable and the access staircase to the first floor. On the first floor, we find the throne room, the emperor's room, the triclinium, furnished connecting corridors and the staircase leading to the terrace of the walls. The fortress has two large scorpions that throw darts, two more stairs allow access to the top of the towers. Rate it, thanks https://ideas.lego.com/projects/3e553b27-ebab-436a-aef7-fe8f88f879c1
  2. Hello there ! My latest project is on line, please rate it thanks. SNIP
  3. Hello there ! My latest project is on line, please rate it thanks. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/25349dc3-2c54-4705-a45c-bb8b3514c7e3
  4. _Avgvstvs_

    [LEGO Ideas] Vintage Classic Medieval Castle

    Thank you very much !
  5. _Avgvstvs_

    [LEGO Ideas] Vintage Classic Medieval Castle

    Unlike other Mocs the structure is real, there are not too many pieces and you can easily access the parts of the structure to use the minifigures. For me it is perfect and if LEGO put it on the shelves I would have already taken it; instead many LEGO Castles Ideas that I have seen even at 10,000 likes I do not like and I would not buy them, in addition to the beauty we must also consider if the project is feasible and at what cost. How many people are willing to spend 300 or 500 eur to buy a set? It must be a very requested set like the Death Star (500 eur) or the Millenium Falcon that costs 700 eur for it to have business ... In my humble opinion
  6. This is a set especially dedicated to all fans of LEGO castles of the 80s and 90s. The structure is inspired by Harlech Fortress. The castle opens and allows you to easily play with the minifigures. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/dd39e1ca-db94-4634-9f45-ec8a15f1da93 Thanks to all who will support him.
  7. _Avgvstvs_

    Hello There !

  8. _Avgvstvs_

    Hello There !

    Hi my stage name is Avgvstvs and my avatar is my favorite lego minifigures character. I've been passionate about LEGO bricks since I was 8, and now that I'm 46 I still like to collect them and play with my 8 and 11 year olds (I merged all the sets into a mega castle that sooner or later I'll post on the forum). I have several sets of the 80's Lego castles, recent Star Wars, and various minifigures (I especially like the ones with an ancient Rome theme). I created some sets on Lego Ideas, and if possible I would like to share them on this forum, maybe they will also be an inspiration for some of you, as indeed I am also inspired by the projects I have seen posted on this forum. I do not want to bore you further, I greet you all again, see you soon.