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  1. The lone cyberbloke

    Are 3d printed wheels any good?

    Thanks for that information, I was considering buying from bricks on rails as being in the UK the postage cost is considerably cheaper and I think I definitely will now. I may post some pictures of the model when I have built it.
  2. The lone cyberbloke

    Are 3d printed wheels any good?

    As you can probably see from the title, I just want to to know if 3d printed wheels are any good. I've heard that they can be very brittle and don't fit technic axles very well, is this true? Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry, I'm new here so I'm not quite sure how this happened.
  3. The lone cyberbloke

    Valve gear on small lego wheels?

    Thanks for that
  4. The lone cyberbloke

    Studio download

    Mine is an android tablet and I have tried mecabricks but the result was not great.
  5. Hi there, I haven't got a computer, and I can't download studio on my phone or tablet so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions (other than buying a computer)
  6. The lone cyberbloke

    Hello everyone

    I've loved lego since I was 4 years old and I mainly build mocs relating to doctor who and railways, I'm also a fan of 70s and 80s music especially David Bowie and ELO, I love snooker, tennis and darts, I'm also on YouTube and Flickr so I would appreciate it if you could subscribe and follow me, my name is the same. My profile picture is blank because I'm to much of an idiot to work out how to change it.
  7. The lone cyberbloke

    Britishbricks instructions

    Hi there everyone, I love (who doesn't) Britishbricks's models but by the time I found out about his patreon he had left, before I could get my hands on any instructions, so I was wondering if anyone here was on his patreon and if so would they be who would be willing to share any instructions with me.
  8. The lone cyberbloke

    Valve gear on small lego wheels?

    I'm interested in building this loco but it will have to use small lego wheels, so has anyone got any ideas for the valve gear?