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  1. Devcon101

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Another question for the group while I think this character through: I may be thinking long term but how will character progression work in terms of advancement? I was interested in playing a scientist or maybe an inventor, and so was interested in if I could develop experiments or devices as I advance (for example, make stronger and unique potions if I was an alchemist)?
  2. Devcon101

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Good evening all! I may not have been a member at the time, but I was a spectator towards the end of the original Heroica's run and I loved what I saw, so it was a real pleasure to be invited to join its revival! And my, what a revival it is! Even now there's such a good deal of rich lore that I'm having difficulty in deciding on a character (undead adamite, quarm, stratitarian?) I did have a question or two though. Occult is mentioned as relating to phantasmagoric content with demons and cosmic horrors, but I don't think much is mentioned on that subject; is it an unexplored part of the lore or is there existing content that just hasn't been revealed? And is there somewhere to host backstories or is that only brought up during play?
  3. Very wonderful pictures! Love the photography and the effects, really make the images pop and add an almost cinematic feel to some of them.
  4. Love these bikes! I love the colors of the Paradisa bike, the Elvis bike is full of charm, and though I never grew up with Aquazone (I was a Lego Atlantis kid myself), the shark bike looks cool and rather menacing. Perhaps I'll have to look into the Aquazone theme sometime.
  5. Rebooting Monster Fighters would be great! I used to get a lot of the sets way back when, though they're largely in pieces now unfortunately. If there were to be a reboot I'd like to see their take on Igor. He's a classic aspect of monster films and it'd be interesting to see them try and make a figure seem hunched over.
  6. Devcon101

    MOC Pizzeria and City Hall

    Lovely build! I adore the look of the pizzeria entrance, with those decorated glass panes and the little chains marking off the tables, and the overhang on the taller building is just lovely decoration! And those pants on the clothesline is a nice little touch.
  7. Devcon101


    Menacing figure, if in an over-the-top manner. Like the contrast between the light green and the deep red, adds a sort of lighting to the figure and adds to the effect. And those banners are a nice touch.
  8. Devcon101

    [MOC] The Robots

    Aww, I love these guys! Those eye pieces really get me on the smaller ones. Not that the bigger ones aren't cool in their own way; like the yellow one with the flame decal, looks like a sweet upgrade to the smaller bots almost.
  9. Devcon101

    [MOC] It's a mine to behold

    Very fun concept! I like the originality and humor, as well as the craft behind it. Quite fond of the basket with all the different jesters hanging off it, makes for a nice center piece to the dwarven chambers.
  10. Devcon101

    [MOC] The secret passage of Lonsere

    Love the quality with this build, especially the tilt the whole build has to it, makes it more unique and almost natural feeling. Best of luck with the Joust!
  11. Wonderful build! I especially like how you remade the statue; I feel the decorated gold disk, the new helm, and the flora add to the ancient and adventurous feel. And that new smoke piece and the backpack on the figure are nice additional touches.
  12. Devcon101

    What are you listening to? Huey Lewis makes some real good music
  13. Good evening, and welcome to Castle Dracu-! Ah, sorry, I thought you were someone else- I am Devcon, a relative newcomer to building MOCs despite having been putting together lego sets for many years, ever since I was a child getting the Atlantis sets. I have drifted in and out of interest with the craft, mostly due to my own lack of outside driving force to overcome my defeatist tendencies, though recently lego RPGs, especially a game of Dungeons and Dragons ran using lego, has gotten me more firmly back into the craft. Ever fond of monsters and the macabre, the grim and dark, you'll doubtless find me making crafts related to fantasy and creatures of all kinds, even the more whimsical. It should not be said that I don't have a fondness for science fiction, though, and perhaps I shall make builds in relation to that as well. If I get the right pieces, though, above all I'll likely be putting together MOCs of the demonic, DEMOCs if you will, as they are above all what I am most well versed and interested in. My darker interests do not mean I don't have a sense of mirth about me, however, and I try to be the nicest and just I can be. I hope to have a wonderful time here and get to know you all. With warm regards, Vlad Dracul Devcon