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    Settlement: Hilto, Sabre Island, Sea-Rats

    Hi guys, long time no see! I was been offline over the year but in meantime had some time to work on my city. It growed a little bit and hopefully in next copule weeks I wil be able to finish all the builds and upload theme here separately. Here are some preview renders:
  2. Name: Hilto Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sabre Island Mayor: Omni Al-Hash , ibn Ohnihash Who can own property in Hilto: Anyone. If you wanna build in modular system let me know to gather up-to date MOCs of surrounding builds. Who can freebuild in Hilto: Anyone. Description: The second settlement of Sabre-Island archipelago. Located in northern part of the Hade's bay on stripe of land between beach and mountains on slope of caldera of ancient submerged volcano. Settled by Molokei exiles in 621 AE. So far just a small harbour with couple buildings around it but as soon as new exiles arrive the city will shine high! *my attempt to create modular city with arabic feeling. Map: Cityscape: History: 1.) Island purchase Properties: 1.) Uncle's Pawnbroker's - small artisan 2.) Harbormaster home - small house 3.) Harbor -large commerc 4.) Forgers quarters - small artisan 5.) Pasha's house of the red petals - large artisan Outside the town: a.) Kahuna's swamp village -large residence b.) al-Obeidi village medium plantation - tabbaco, medium plantation - fruit orchand Vessels stationed here: Vengeance of the desert - attacked and captured by Queensville - Cannon fire in the fog Other related builds:
  3. omnihash_cz

    [GoC] Fisherman's Hut

    The window tower is just excelent. Very subtle, much wow!
  4. omnihash_cz

    [COR-FB] Tavern, Queenston

    This is absolutely excellent! Great plan, good amount of furniture, superb work with the details. The building itself is awesome on all levels. My only (and very light) reminder would be: You can put little more minifigs and action in your build, the traffic in the pub pooks like lazy sunday morning.
  5. Come to the colonies they said. It will be fun, fruits are hanging low, girls are clothed skimpily and money are laying on the streets they promised! They will be balls and parties to attend, merchants to tax and their daughters to play itch-buttocks with they swore! Frickin' first day! That's all it took to send everything to drain! Joshua Lewingsham didn't even have time to greet his uncle count and he was been ambushed by frickin' king, kicked in the nuts with the family honour trampled to the dust and taken away to the nearby orchard accompanied by two cloaked men armed to the teeth with hemp noose hangin' at their waist. So much for calm family vacation. Luckily he was been able to reach the governor's palace in light-speed as soon as he understood that the uncle is not coming back from his little health walk under the trees which together with his letter of invitation gave him just enough time to ransack uncle's office to enrich himself for the upcoming trip. The storm is comin' and it's comin' fast. Better grab your price and leave the town Joshua, it's already pouring and the escape window (or the gate on the city bridge in this particular case) is closing soon!
  6. omnihash_cz

    Settlement: Hojaroja, Otoño, Eslandola

    Medium residence - Blackrock Island Refuge
  7. Excelent, just excelent! Now I have to win one more time the second category and acquire some minifigs so I can leave the digital waters and sail to real ones! Lifegoals for 2023 updated. Thanks organizator team for a fun challenge.
  8. Sorry, my mishap, you are right. Error corrected.
  9. Due to the last development in relationship between his uncle and the King Joshua Lewisham is spending this summer completely different than he envisioned. Instead of partying in the Nova Malto's annual dance ball he is forced to live on this tiny boring island. But boredom is still better than hemp noose so he is better hanging low for his own good. Instead of fancy wines he is forced to drink with his crew some suspicious homebrew brandy from coconuts. How much he hates the sweet taste! l§ů At least for now the coast is clear so instead of fighting his mates could spend their time fishing... ...or just wandering around. omni hash | Flickr
  10. Well hopefully that settled all your question about Joshua lineage and family relations for you guys!
  11. Category A - for count Lewisham
  12. That's my error and it was lost in translation - I ment Joshua, niece of count Lewisham! I'll try to be more clear in Cat A when I'll upload it tonight.
  13. omnihash_cz

    HMS Indefatigable

    Great work sir! Can you make a close up to the sails? I am interested in your solution of the furled sail - looks nice and compact.
  14. Category B - for the Count Lewisham
  15. Great idea with the overlaping tiles on the tower walls
  16. Just a regular day in the village of chief Kahuka It's just right temperature for the eel fishing under that big rock. Hopefully there will be some eel stew for today's supper. The double rope bridge is the main and only dry entrance to the village. Kahuka's daughter Kotuna is on the guard duty in the old tree fortress. Kahuka can properly take care of his chickens. After all two scrambled eggs for breakfast is the best start of the day!
  17. omnihash_cz

    [SR-FB] - Swamp village, Sabre island

    Yeah, I noticed too but did not find any setting how to tackle it. There is UV light damage possibility which take the glance down, but also messes with the colors.
  18. omnihash_cz

    [COR - FB] HMS Piper

    Great start! Have fun with Brick seas!
  19. Right on the entry to the harbour alley new construction is srawling. /placeholder photo only better will be renderered this week :) The lime palace contains the biggest pearl and jewelry workshop in the whole Prio sea! Right behind the entry is a workshop where Gaffar prepares rare dyes from gemstones and exotic plants. Other half of the floor is dedicated for high-temperature work. And as such the furnace is its heart Through the stairs you can visit more workshops. Or hide you stuff under them as everyone else. First floor is focused on work with gems and pearls - stone-setting, enamelling, polishing etc. It's important to have good work-life balance and take a coffee break when your eyes are tired or hands shakey. Or occasionally flex some muscles and hammer operating skills to Karen from accountant's. Second floor accomodate bigger machines and workshop stations. Precise sheet roller for golden foils Gemcutter worshop ...and vase station. Rooftop is occupied by security service and the directors chambers. Do not disturb as he is just trying to strike a deal with local power couple!
  20. omnihash_cz

    [SR-FB] Sandstorm

    Dear family I have good news! Our business is happily growing. Imagine - no one here knows anything at all about shishas! They like tobacco here but no one knows how to smoke it right. We already settled up small town with couple workshops to change this heresy and Yasmina with Abdul are already working on education of locals and northerners. We even needed to buy new ship to be able to reach our customers in other islands. It's a beauty, even little on the broad side. You know what uncle Hamza says about his wives: wider hips carry better. Turns out it is same applicable to the women as to the ships. We set sails and hoisted flags of our biggest allies in the area to prevent any funny times when travelling in uncharted waters. I even get lucky hand and found out Molokai crew who lost their ship in the battle with some privateers so now they are working for us. Capitan Kadin will gladly command our ship through all tretcherous waters in the archipelago and beyond. And his son Rashad is allways on the mast looking for the threats. He sweared terrible revenge to any clown who will try to take the boat from him once more. h That's all news I have for You, stay safe and let the Ethernal flame guide you through both the desserts and business. Let your camels be fast your cargo undamaged and your caravan safe from all dangers! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by this image from random page about Marocco pirates. Mogador - Pirates ( P.S.: if someone know how to create propper flag in studio designer part creator please let me know or share the results
  21. omnihash_cz

    [COR - FB] Preparing for War, Spudkirk 622

    Love the circular walls and barn roof - what is it? Garage doors?
  22. omnihash_cz

    [INDEX] Settlements of BoBS

    Black rock is missing on the first page list, the link: Settlement : Black Rock, Sea Rats - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums More info from roadmonkey on second page
  23. omnihash_cz

    [SR-FB] - Hilto, house of pearls

    Not bad guess at all! It's actually inspired by less colourfull places in Murano town two islands to north in the Venice lagoon. Murano. Glassworks between art and the lagoon Stock Photo - Alamy
  24. omnihash_cz

    [SR-FB] - Hilto, house of pearls

    Hah, careful reading, my nemesis since the second grade! OK then, I'll try once more and this time i will not skip every second line, my liege. I actually just yesterday found out that there is something called MCRA adventure form, is it still valid? If yes I would love to try it and hopefully combine these two tasks. I got your remark about Sea Rats colour. Since my first lego set all my builds had this flag combo in every castle war we played so I am gonna stick with it. I can hoist propper big flag on the next possible build to celebrate our faction
  25. omnihash_cz

    [SR-FB] - Hilto, house of pearls

    Well well! The house could proudly fly the colors of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy but your fellows chose to ignore my plead therefore we postponed the noble idea of higher education in our colony and focused at petty but profitable issues. Empires will come and fail but the Omnihash's mighty Emporium will withstand the test of time! One day! One day the red and white flags will fly over every shisha bar, tobacco shop or opium den in the New World!