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  1. Name: Hilto Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sabre Island Mayor: Omni Al-Hash , ibn Ohnihash Who can own property in Hilto: Anyone. If you wanna build in modular system let me know to gather up-to date MOCs of surrounding builds. Who can freebuild in Hilto: Anyone. Description: The second settlement of Sabre-Island archipelago. Located in northern part of the Hade's bay on stripe of land between beach and mountains on slope of caldera of ancient submerged volcano. Settled by Molokei exiles in 621 AE. So far just a small harbour with couple buildings around it but as soon as new exiles arrive the city will shine high! *my attempt to create modular city with arabic feeling. Map: Cityscape: History: 1.) Island purchase Properties: 1.) Uncle's Pawnbroker's - small artisan 2.) Harbormaster home - small house Vessels stationed here: Vengeance of the desert Other related builds:
  2. House: small Every proper settlement starts with a harbor and every proper harbor starts with harbormaster. Sanjeev was been our caravan clerk long before I was born and no-one is as fast as him when it comes to goods price evaluation or finding a place where to hide more expensive trinkets. As his knees aren't what they used to be (he took and arrow in one when he was on adventure) ha was more than happy to resettle and take care of harbor logs and bureaucracy in general. After years of travelling, he is enjoying the afternoons on his terrace checking the harbor traffic, his new pet kitten Sheitan and his wife soups with fresh herbs from their garden or just simply chilling on the bench.
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    [SR -FB] - Hilto, Harbormaster home

    Thanks. I copied the tooth idea from Prince of Persia MOC from here, so cudos goes to TAFOL: Basically 95% of interesting techniques I am using I got from this forum. Here is the tool I use for colours selection: And here is the angle helper: I strongly recommend to get to know both of them as it improves my results by couple leagues.
  4. Artisan: small Well, it’s funny, isn't it? As soon as Sanjeev and his melody boys started to work on harbor construction Uncle appeared. Nobody invited him nobody knew him he just simply appeared one day and started to barter tobacco for pickaxes and silver for lamp oil. In mere two weeks he already started to build his emporium and harbor workers tried to beat all silver from him twice. Placed on strategic corner right behind harbor warehouse and on the way to tavern Uncle was been able to exchange almost everything with booze-driven passersby. Sanjeev had to talk some sense to him and explained that for greater good of community it will be vise to leave sailors with at least enough coins to get some rum and sishkebabs for couple days. And here with surrounding builds:
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    [SR -FB] - Hilto, Harbormaster home

    Thanks guys. I am trying to create city-wide panorama. This is the first take on buildings around harbor and city core. Here is couple more renders with surroundings.
  6. Can't agree more! Same applies to all roots/ plants/ rocks etc. Little turn does the magic!
  7. Great roofing and horizontal tiling, especially in octagonal corners! What are the chimney tops? Just 3*4 tiles with 1x1 plates in corners? Only possible improvement coming to my mind: there should be at least some small windows/loopholes in top levels of towers to let some light in.
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    Settlement: Hilto, Sabre Island, Sea-Rats

    I was been on it in Friday but reality stuck me again. Dedicated threads are coming hopefully in next couple days.
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    [SR -FB] - Hilto, island purchase

    Thanks, here is the setting/switch:
  10. Dear family! I am deeply sorry for delay in my letters but post service is quite scarse here. I hope my letter found you all in good state and shape. I have great news! We managed to acquire a small pristine island nearby. While Abdul and Yasmina are taking care of our base in Poppy Port we kept ourselves busy and sailed around the archipelago. After couple tries and small trades here and there, we finally got the tip. Grand uncle Yussuf, praise eternal Flame his name, outdrunked sailor straight to the floor. He won his dignity, two months wage and map of an old corsair hideout nearby. The treasure is all long time gone but the island itself is the price. Small in size but abundant in greenery and mineral riches. Modest tribe of fine native gentlemen lives nearby and use the island as their fishing base. We visited their settlement and talked with their chief in command - chief Kahuka. He was quite reluctant at first despite my best efforts to persuade him with finest goods and gifts. He tried to play me with the good old trick with exotic dinner. The fool wanted to scare me with a scorpio! Only scary part was the taste - even in the middle of the dunes after week without water you can do better. When I expressed my slight concern about cooker's taste half of the tribe took it as a sign of our sissyness. So I sended grand uncle for fresh scorpio ti show them how it's done. They tried to argue about some poison but uncle Yussuf has his methods and since the clam accident sixteen years ago no thorn or sting is a match for his mahagony leg. After short succesfull hunt Yussuf started to prepare second course of our bussiness dinner. He is keeping his waterproof spice bag by his side ever since we left Molokai. That crazy old fool even managed to get himself a propper dry camel turd, he is swearing it doesn't taste half as good on wooden fire. When chiefs wife saw Yussuf cooking proprieties she turned pale but then started to laugh and excused herself for some urgent matter for the rest of dinner. Chief and his guys tried Yussuf's scorpio and had to admit it's the best damn scorpio in their lives. Well they will not fool us, we all know the only reason for cook them is if the other option is sand and camel turd smoke is only thing able to make it taste as somting different. When they found out what's our secret ingrediency it looked like a massacre preparation for a moment but as I said above, chief is big gentleman and took it with smile. He said he liked our guts but next time we will try something like it he will show them to us with his battle-axe so we can admire them together. We promised no more wonky-ponkies and other funny businesses in forgeable future as the axe was quite mighty and chiefs face unreadable. At the end of the night, we struck a deal and got ourselves a right to settle a town on the island across the Hade's bay from the tribal village for mere ten sets of hookahs payable with first available delivery and two chests of gold, payable next year. Please send us the aforementioned hookahs and anybody willing to settle down here. Big opportunities awaits those woes are willing to step from their shadows. Sincere goodbye till my next letter and let the Flame enlighten your paths!
  11. Cousin Abdul and his wife joined me on my journey to New World, Unfortunatelly it turns out he is sea sick even on water bed. There is now way he will leave Poppy Port anytime son so we rather help him to get some place to stay and bussines running. dwelling_5 by omnihash hash, on Flickr Firstly we got him nice little house with propper quest room and small hideout in the attic if we will need to lay low for a while. Yasmina requested fouintain so we did manage to swap one from some unlucky trader pretty cheap. dwelling_8 by omnihash hash, on Flickr She got nice little kitchen in the back dwelling_9 by omnihash hash, on Flickr ...and propper family room upstairs dwelling_10 by omnihash hash, on Flickr dwelling_12 by omnihash hash, on Flickr
  12. Well did you think about canal? Some propper one with narrowboats hauling cargo would be awesome.
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    [OL - CH IV - CAT B] Art Gallery

    I also love the candles: what parts are these pieces? I never saw this small flame before.
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    My name isn't Slim Shady

    Hi guys You have cool forum here. Couple weeks ago I found out about Lego Studio and through it i found this page. I gave myself the New Year's resolution to stop engage myself in useless conversations and fight on social networks and this server looks like it can help a little bit. When I was a teenager and internet started to work in my country it seemed like a promising future but it got somehow stained in the proccess by all the hate and heated opinions. Then I realized it is not an internet it's me and there is no one forcing me to ride through this BS. So i decided to ride through brick seas (and couple other ones) instead. As I sad I am fairly new with Lego Studio and so far I did not find any usefull manual/youtube channel with tricks etc. - if someone can reccomend either of it or somel ocal thread about it it would be great! I have some IT and architecture background so I am pretty OK when it come to the point what I want to build but I am getting lost during the execution little bit. My ultimate goal here (except having fun) is to build some legendary castle based on real local design and practices in middle Europe. I had couple courses about medieval architecture in my Uni decade ago and will be cool to use some of that knowledge to build some nice realistic hilltop castle.
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    My name isn't Slim Shady

    well, I got couple buildnigs from Prague in progress but mostly 20th century architeture.
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    My name isn't Slim Shady

    Thanks, I stuck there for last couple hours
  17. Artisan: small Abdul's shishkebab tent - Roaring dragon Abdul is refusing to enter the sea in his life again. He stubborny disagree even with walking at the shore and threaten us that he will rather die as a fast food vendor in the middle of nowhere than coming back to the boat. Well, at least he is excellent cook and his kebabs are legendary on both sides of Drolitic cean by now. To be fair its kinda easy to have best kebabs when the nearest concurention is 2.000 miles away but half of the sailors in docks are allready swearing that this is the second best hangover cure they ever found (right after rum).
  18. Artisan: medium Yasmina's hookah beach bar ---sorry guys as soon as I will be able I will create separate thread and change this post to link.
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    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Great, thanks for advice guys. As soon as I will have 10 posts i'll create topics for each MOC. Until then I will post them to the Poppy Port topic and will edit them later with appropriate links etc.
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    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Thanks I am newbie in Lego Studio and so far just discovering the posibilities of the engine so I played little bit while waiting for registration confirmation. I propably didn´t get the economic system right so my goal was to make some DB from licensing free MOC and licennne the tent as a medium artisan from it. Where can i get answers for these kind of questions? Is it here? Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Intro Thread, Era II - Page 73 - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums Thanks for the link, cool story.
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    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Omni Al-Hash, ibn Ohnihash Omni Al-Hash comes from long line of camel caravan leaders in Great Western Mokolei desert. When he reached thirty springs he achieved two milestones in his life: firstly he was been called to charge his first own caravan run to the Camba oases. Secondly he finally admited to himself how much he hate the desert. The sand everywhere scorching sun and freezing winds in the night and most of it - the camels. He despited these spitting kicking beasts by eternal hate with every fiber of his body. He knew that there is no easy way off and just simly walking out will bring shame to his family for next three generations. He needed plan and a solid one. First steps in oasis led him to seek a consultation by wise men at the altar of Ethernal flame. They accepted his gifts sacrificed the soul of the chicken and wine to the Flame and consumed their physical remains. After a while of awkward silence filed with chewing and gurping tho oldest one summed it up: So you are trying to leave the desert without leaving your family behind? Seems to me you will have to strech them with you. You have to turn your liabilities into your assets! Family caravans were usually trading incense and spices from the east coast for hookah and carpets in Camba. West of Camba is just more sand and soldiers and taxes. But to the east of Rodec is ocean and in in in a good month sale with a fast ship are the riches. Or maybe not riches but Omni is not eating another scorpion fried on camel dung in his life again! two monts, 7 camel infused scorpion dinners and one really intense family meeting later: Finaly free! We managed to get pretty sweat deal on this beauty. She's a skinny one but fast as morning run after bad badge of camel milk. I call her the Vengeance of the desert. My cousin Abdul and his wife joined me after couple hours of negotiating between my father and uncle. Family bussineses are allways intense. Grand uncle Yossuf - only family member knowing not only how to swim but even how to actually drive a boat after 30 crayfishing in Mokolei bay led our trip as a boat expert and my 1st lieutenant. With his expertise the first Great Western Desert colonisation party in New Word arrived to Poppy Port only two weeks and one broken arm beihind the schedule. They didn't know much but about local issues but liked the idea living without taxes kind a lot so they decided to break a camp on the beach and offer some famous desert hospitality: hookah, tea and cookies for some informations about surrounding seas and affairs. Then and when Abdul will be able to walk again we will decide what to do and where to go. That guy is deffinitelly not a sea rat!