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  1. BrickAA

    What did you BUILD today?

    I'm waiting my Bricklink order. In a meanwhile have build this girl. Not too much :D
  2. BrickAA

    Do you sell your MOCs?

    Totally understand. Even small MOCs might appear expensive because of usage rare part. For large ones the problem becomes much more actual just because of amount of pieces. Good advice! I'm not a seller, so I hope I won't desire to sell my Lego.
  3. BrickAA

    Do you sell your MOCs?

    Hello everybody. I have a profile on Rebrickable with over 70 MOCs. Mostly cars. Of course the ones that I added when I just joined Rebrickable are pretty simple, the latest ones are more advanced, but this is not important I believe. The thing is that only few of them are for sale, all other are for free. And sometimes I ask myself why I upload them for free. I know that some people sell every single MOC that they have. Please don't get me wrong I don't think it's bad I'm just thinking about different approaches. In most cases when I build a MOC, and I suppose that people would like it I think that maybe I should charge for it. But then I think that only few of people would be ready to pay but I wanna share it too much, that I think no, won't sell it. I wanna anybody to see the design in all the details if they wish. Sometimes I just think, that a MOC is just too small to charge money for that. And really often I build something to sell. Not really succeed on this field, btw. What do you think about this? Do you sell your MOCs?
  4. BrickAA

    [MOC] Old roadster (4 studs)

    Thank you. I hope as well, but there are no much ideas left. I'm not sure if I will post them here if I make something new, but anyway it will be on Rebrickable.
  5. BrickAA

    Compact Lego city format. Might it be interesting?

    If you have time I'll be happy to have a look. But yes, I agree, it seems much bigger. Nice riot, btw :D Sorry for an off-topic question, but is it supposed to represent some real events, of just a revolution in general? Yeah, bricks lack is a problem for me as well. I'm planning to buy them, but still trying to find a way to reduce the expenses and keep the design more or less fancy. I decided to use small doors, just to make it look a bit more proportional. There are a couple of reasons why I'm concerned about furniture: 1. As I you mentioned, lack of free space. But I agree, a chair and a pot plant might be good enough. 2. I planned to put it on a shelf, so the back side of the city will be turned to the room's wall. So the furniture won't be visible. But it's good to know, that it's still there :) Thank you. As I'm repeating everywhere, I love them too :D. Basically them nudged me to the idea of this city scene.
  6. BrickAA

    Compact Lego city format. Might it be interesting?

    Thank you people, I will :D I will, but it will take for a while. The design is not finished and I need to buy bricks. Btw, do you have some pictures left? Why you didn't succeed? I mean you didn't find the design that you liked, or some other stuff happened. Did you try to add any furniture inside? It seems that for this size it's a challenge. But it might be not necessary. Make sense, thank you.
  7. BrickAA

    [MOC] Old roadster (4 studs)

    Thank you! I love this format. Cars are simple, but they attract me much for some reason. And it doesn't work this way for other 4 studs cars. E.g. recently I built a small car from 50-th and I liked it, but the feeling was completely different. But unfortunately my ideas regarding new designs for these old timers are almost over :)
  8. Hi everyone. I have a concept of a small city scene based on a 32x32 plate. Do you think this format could be interested to anybody? I believe many people like me has limited place for displaying Lego.
  9. Thank you! Now the post looks correctly. I'll be careful with attachments.
  10. Hi! Is it still down? I also accidently added an attachment when was introducing myself here. Then I wanted to update the post and delete the uploaded image and use a linked one, but deleting of the image didn't work. So basically every time when I update a post I see that the uploaded image is gone in editor. Then I end editing and the image is still there.
  11. BrickAA

    [MOC] Old roadster (4 studs)

    Thank you! I like this approach with the wheels much. I enjoy building these small old timers.
  12. BrickAA

    [MOC] Old roadster (4 studs)

    I'm not sure yet if I should spam my MOCs here, but maybe somebody will find it interesting :D
  13. BrickAA

    Hello from Helsinki

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure what I should write here, so let's start from a commonplace introduction. My name is Alexander and currently I live in Helsinki, Finland. Originally from Chelyabinsk, Russia. My main occupation is software development and LEGO is my hobby. I don't have too much LEGO and according to my Rebrickable profile I have a bit more that 15000 pieces, that definitely not enough to build whatever you want. It could be more, but I always concern about the place to store it. Enjoying LEGO for me is in most cases building MOCs, that are mostly minifigure-size cars (4, 6, 8 studs) but sometimes I try something else. I also have a couple building-like sets assembled as a decoration and a place to put my MOCs. Here is some of my stuff. Sorry for the quality, my camera is not too good.