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  1. 1 hour ago, Per_SW said:

    This is exactly something I would love and at the same time dread they'd make, since it would be available ONLY through LEGO stores and S@H and perennially sold-out.
    Availability issue aside, I think that's one of the best Crab Droids I've ever seen, especially for such a small build.

    @Per_SW Thank you so much for your view and appreciation ;) You can still have one like this for your collection as I have posted the building instructions with the Bricklink Studio file. It is easy to make a wanted list to order the parts from Brinklink. :) Maybe next year LEGO might do something like this, but I can also feel the pain as it sold out immediately. 

    I promise not to disappoint with my next project reveal :pir-vader:

  2. 53 minutes ago, Big_Daddy said:

    I love your attention for detail in even the packaging of such a small build, great work!

    Thank you :yoda: @Big_Daddy for noticing those details :) There's a lot of editing work in the process.   

    24 minutes ago, McMurder_them_softly said:

    This is amazing, a perfect compliment to the AT-TE

    Yes! Absolutely @McMurder_them_softly :thumbup: And it fits very well on a diorama or vignette too.

    I forgot to mention but in the PDF of the building instructions, there is a small tease of what is to come next. :excited: 

  3. Utapau™ Defense

    By Rui Miguel

    Hello there!

    Utapau™ Defense is a product concept I made as a fictional LEGO set. With the AT-TE Walker set from Star Wars Episode 3 revealed this year I decided to make this small Minifigure pack; introducing a Crab droid as seen in the movie. I noticed a demand amongst fans to have a Crab droid in LEGO form, so from model design, building instructions to packaging I set my skills on this challenge.


    I’m a fan of Star Wars and LEGO so during the design process I was very concerned about making and presenting as close as possible a LEGO Product experience and at the same time balancing a low-cost and easy-to-purchase/find existing LEGO parts. With the Bricklink studio file you can upload to Bricklink and generate a wanted list of LEGO parts needed to order.


    - 46 pcs (crab droid only)

    - Articulated legs

    - Stud shooter

    Download Links (mega):

    PDF building Instructions

    Studio file (.io)

    I haven't post anything for a while but this model is the first of a wave of projects I’m really excited to finally share with you fellow LEGO and Star Wars fans who are reading this. I hope you like my work and have fun building and playing. Feel free to leave a comment😉 Feedback is always appreciated 😊

    May the Force Be With You

  4. On 6/2/2021 at 4:28 PM, Redhead1982 said:

    I'm not a SW fan, but this picture frame looks great. The perspective and the details - the tiny speeders sticking out are perfect. 

    Thanks, @Redhead1982 ;) I hope by the summer to have the parts to assemble it physically, I only have the micro snowspeeder with me. I'm glad you like this set. 

  5. 10 hours ago, Wout said:

    Oh, this is so much better than Lego official Brick sketches. Well done!

    Thank you so much for your appreciation means a lot to me :) Also, late in this summer fall, I will release for free on my Flickr gallery a download link of the building instructions for this model and a LEGO parts list for easy purchase search. Thank you again for your support.

  6. Battle of Hoth


    Hi everyone this is Rui Miguel and this is my entry for the Star Wars Concept Art Contest being hosted here. I recreated the scene from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker is piloting a Snowspeeder facing the AT-ATs during the Battle of Hoth.

    Once I saw the contest description all I kept thinking of was my copy of the book "Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy" I knew the concept art that I would recreate into LEGO would be inside of that Star Wars bible... And that's exactly what I did, from the pages of Empire Strikes Back I found the illustration below by Joe Johnston (if I'm not mistaken).


    From one of my favourite scenes, my Batte of Hoth takes inspiration from the "Brick Sketches" developed by Chris McVeigh. I always wanted to make one and this was the perfect opportunity to make it a reality. This frame is composed by 46 x 24 studs and it also combines microscale elements. The model can also be displayed on a wall and has 3 removable micro Snowspeeders. Below are some promotional shots.




    Hope you like it and thank you for viewing :) 

    For High-Resolution photos you can check my Flickr gallery here -

    Contest link -