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  1. The Mandalorian people have become a fractured people, after the loss of their homeworld, Mandalore. Yet even now, when there are so few of them left in the galaxy, many houses have fallen to in-fighting, some hoping for peace where their peoples' old ways brought none, and some seeking power, like a kom'rk of beskar trying to bring order to broken worlds by force.
  2. The cockpit whirred and made unpleasant grinding noises as it opened, and Hayk began to pull himself up, and crawled out onto the fuselage of his ship. His head still spun slightly, and it took a moment for him to orient himself. He took in the scene around him. It seemed he had crashed on the outskirts of the city of Ravelin. His ship was badly damaged; he was lucky that he walked away with his life, or walked at all. He saw two local military troopers rushing towards the crash. In the distance, he could make out a ship landing, it appeared to be a TIE fighter of some sort. It was the ship he had encountered around Lah'mu, and had followed him to Taris. Somehow, it had managed to follow him here as well. The front of the ship opened, and a man stepped out. His hair was like straw, and he wore a dark robe over his armour. He had a look on his face like someone had taken a bite out of his ronto wrap, and in his hand, he held a metal sceptre, about a metre long. His eyes were fixed on Hayk as he approached, level, and full of anger. The Battle had escalated quickly. The two Military guys had stopped a little way from his. One asked cautiously, 'Are you alright there, mister?' The other stood with his hands gripping his blaster tightly. 'Cuts, scrapes, bruises, but I'll live', Hayk replied. Suddenly, still some distance away, the robed man yelled to the officers. 'Men! Detain him! He is with the Mandalorians.' One of the officers turned to him and nodded. He seemed to know who this man was. 'Yes, sir'. As the other officer began to raise his blaster, Hayk knocked both men off balance, and pushed them to the ground. A moment later, he was in the air, with a light stream of smoke trailing from his jetpack. At this point, the robed man was running towards the scene, and as he approached the officers, he pointed and spoke to them in a harsh tone. 'Leave him to me. It looks like you'll have enough to deal with in a second.' The men followed his finger pointing to the sky, where they could see two ships flying towards them. Each ship had a long fuselage in the middle, with two blade-like wings. The wings on one ship seemed to be moving into some kind of landing position, and the other turned on a spotlight, which made the officers shield their eyes. They turned and darted back towards the edge of the city. In no time at all, blaster fire rung out through the night, and the city descended into chaos. On the city's edge, some New Republic soldiers joined into the frey as some Mandalorian warriors fought back the local military. As the streets were filled with light, and eerie silence filled the rooftops above. The sounds of battle below could be heard, but seemed muffled by the walls of buildings. Here, two figures stood facing each other. Hayk glanced through a window, where a man stood in his home, watching the action outside. 'It looks like your death will have an audience.' The robed man said with a confident smirk playing at his lips. 'Promises, promises...', Hayk replied, dryly. The smirk faded, and electricity crackled around the man's hand which held the metal sceptre. After a moment, a crackling blade of light sprung out from the end of the sceptre, and Hayk unsheathed his sword. The man lunged forward, and Hayk blocked the light with his sword. Sparks exploded every time the weapons collided. After a time, both men had grown weary with the duel; both were planning each movement with more purpose, and were striking with more intent. Suddenly, the robed man held out an empty hand, and sent out an invisible burst which caused Hayk to stagger and drop his sword. Hayk had just enough time to react as his opponent swung widely with his weapon. Hayk stepped in close, turned, and elbowed the man in the face, and pushed him to the ground. He grabbed the man's arm with the weapon, and managed to disarm him. The beam of light sputtered out. The man lay on his back a moment, and was just about to laugh, when the blade sputtered back to life, and his face turned to a mix of disbelief, terror, and shock. "Impossible", the man thought. "The blade only functions with Sith lightning running through it... could this man be a Sith too?" Only one word struggled through his thoughts and found it's voice. 'How?...' 'Sen...' Hayk said, disregarding the man's question, 'If you continue down this path, you will meet the end you fear in your dreams. But, if you leave those ways behind, you will never fear death by this weapon again. He shook the metal sceptre slightly, with the crackling light casting dancing shadows between them. The look on the man's face changed from terror to confusion. "Sen... And how could he know about the recurring dream that he had most nights..." he thought again to himself, then spoke. 'Sen... no one has called me by that name since I was a child... Who are you? How do you know me?' The sounds of conflict died down from below, but both were only faintly aware of this. 'I don't. I have no idea who you are.' Hayk nodded towards the weapon. 'You can walk away from this... or you can live in fear of this weapon, and who you've become, for the rest of your life, which will end by this weapon.' 'In your hand?' The man scowled slightly. 'No,' Hayk began, 'I'm not going to kill you. Tonight, I'm just the messenger.' The ledge they were on suddenly went dark, as the blade of light retreated into the metal shaft. Both men blinked as their eyes adjusted to the dimmer light. Inside, Hayk was screaming. "What are you doing..." he thought, "...this guy wants to kill you!? And what are you doing talking about his dreams?" But he noticed the man's demeanour change, and realized that what he had said meant something to this stranger. 'The things I've done...' the man said doubtfully, 'what could I do to make up for my past?' Hayk looked into the man's eyes, and felt their sincerity. 'All any of us can do is try,' he said. 'And you'll need to get rid of this,' he added, handing the man's weapon back to him. Hayk turned and walked away, leaving the stranger sitting baffled on a rooftop. Hayk made his way down to the street. He nodded at a woman who was standing, sword in hand, nearby. She nodded back, giving him a reassuring smile. Two men in white uniforms lay near her feet. One was writhing slightly. 'This one is unconscious,' she said pointing to the one that lay, unmoving. '...And this one was shot in the shoulder.' A familiar voice came from down the street. 'And this guy over here,' the fellow Mandalorian remarked, 'was hit pretty badly.' 'Naruun, su cuy'gar! (Mandalorian greeting, litterally 'you are still alive') 'How did things go with your 'friend' up there?' Naruun asked, nodding towards the rooftop. 'Not a scratch. I think he'll be alright too.' Naruun laughed. 'Some Mandalorians, we are! Set out to a battle, and all of our enemies have walked away with their lives.' Hayk glanced up to the rooftop, where he had bested the strange adversary. The man was gone from where Hayk had left him, and he saw lights from an appartment glint off of a long metal cylinder. Hayk turned back to Naruun and gestured towards a wing sticking up from a crater past the edge of the city. 'Hey... one more thing... Could I get a ride? Mine is in rough shape.'
  3. Wombat544

    [M11-Nubia-CS] Setting off

    This turned out really nice!
  4. Yeah... I tried to do some nice back packs. We may be seeing these guys again at some point, so I'll have to get the back packs then.
  5. I think that is exactly what I was going for. I'm hoping to get some proper wings at some point, but that is what I have for now.
  6. Good job! I see something familiar in TR-ED... I also really like the birb!
  7. The legs on the FF guy with the brown hood are nice! I also find it interesting, the idea of a Jedi-coloured lightsaber for the left Imperial Knight. Some really great figures in all of these.
  8. Very well done! I think 3 and 12 are my favourite of the bunch.
  9. Well done! I think the conflict is probably based around the Pentastar officer wearing Mandalorian armour...
  10. I really like the SCS medical droid! Also an interesting concept of cloning an ancient Sith lord like Sion.
  11. I really like the look of the Black Sun guy.
  12. Klaks' gun: Q: 'Is it a blaster cannon or a flame thrower?' A: 'Yes.'
  13. Thanks! I'm trying to find ways to make more organic-looking figures, but that is hard to do at this scale.
  14. Yeah... I guess I didn't customize that one much... oops. I think I was just looking at the gun when I included this guy. Lego did well with that one, though.