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    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Here's the whole photo from that Instagram (purchased at London Lego store) - I think that the torso of the bandit-woman could work ok with pirates too, not? and the bandit-guy has cool boots:
  2. zinnn

    [MOC] Lagoon Lockup Revisited (once more)

    I love those!!! So cool, love the furniture
  3. zinnn

    PtV 2015 Large: Happy Islander Harvest

    Not sure if you're being for real or not? :) What's wrong with bumping up older threads if there's value in them?
  4. zinnn

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    I'm trying to figure out what is the piece used for the base of that clock, and cannot wrap my head around it? Looks like some kind of frame? but how is that pearl gold piece connected there?
  5. zinnn

    [MOC] Jungle Ruins

    Whoa, only when I read this I noticed that, cool! Wonderful set, looks like something that could go on the IDEAS page.
  6. zinnn

    [MOC] Forbidden Island 2020.

    This is a cool remake of the classic set. I just wish there were more photos with different angles.
  7. That third minifig from the right (the one with brown vest) - can someone tell me please where is that torso from? I feel like I've seen in somewhere (Castle set maybe? Or LoTR)
  8. zinnn

    PtV 2015 Large: Happy Islander Harvest

    I think this is the most gloriously gruesome MOC I've seen around :) love it
  9. zinnn

    [MOC] Captain Sabertooth's Cabin

    blast from the past, but I really love those walls made of boxes. the figures creep me out a bit, the don't look like Lego, more like something from Playmobil lol
  10. zinnn

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Treasures

    I remember seeing this build before, still incredibly impressive
  11. zinnn

    [MOC] Off To Fight Boney

    Is that oversized hat worn by the officer (?) real Lego? If so, where is it from?
  12. zinnn

    [MOC] Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716

    Really cool and dynamic scene, well done. Made me wish we had a yellow equivalents of those fleshie torsos
  13. zinnn

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    vs What will be your go-to monkey for your Pirate sets?
  14. zinnn

    BIG LEGO Pirates News!

    That’s awesome. What’s the source of this?
  15. Thanks, do you think it will eventually? or is it a rare piece they wont release there?
  16. Does anyone know if the new mini-skull piece from Harry Potter set 76398 has been available via Lego's B&P? https://store.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=33464pb07#T=S&C=1&O={"color":1,"iconly":0}
  17. zinnn

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Has anyone here tried using Friends' Phoebe's torso for lady pirate? I feel it could work well - does any of you have it and could test it for me please? Ideally with classic yellow face/hands, not a fleshie
  18. zinnn

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    I gave in, just ordered two new monkeys :P
  19. zinnn

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The A-frame hut may be a hit, lots of potential there for fans of not only city/modular theme but also historic ones. BTS is just to make easy oney, the ideas submission looks awful, I can imagine Lego will massively improve it.
  20. I have 3 seagulls - all of them have really weak grip when placed on top of a plate, usually moving my set in a clumsy manner will make them disconnect... Is this a common problem or just a number of pieces were 'faulty' (for the lack of better word)?
  21. Thanks everyone for your input. I really love that piece, the design is beautiful, but I agree that it'd be great for it to be made of dual or triple molded plastic instead.
  22. I saw this map seller photo the other day on IG - love it!
  23. I don't collect minifigs or care for Mr Gold one (or any of the gold series) - but I do wish Lego would make some more of them to drive the prices down for people who genuinely want one for their collection, I hate the idea of 'limited edition' of anything As for the 90th Anniversary set - I presonally I hope for a Pirates themed set, but since PoBB came out not so long ago I doubt it will happen.
  24. Wow, this is such an obvious workaround, thank you! I wish there was an easier way to do it, but it'll do for now:)