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  1. Kronos

    [NMOC] Pagani Huayra

    Did you guys reverse engineer, or does someone have instructions? I've wanted to build this for a while
  2. Kronos

    White is the New Red

    What's the blue one in the first row?
  3. Kronos

    [MOC] Simple Supercar

    How does one aquire said instructions...?
  4. Kronos

    [MOC] Simple Supercar

    This really is a great car! I hope there are instructions for this one too. I still have your others built and on display
  5. Kronos

    Manias in building?

    Is it bad that I do ALL of the aforementioned "mania's"? With the exception of grum64's.....
  6. Kronos

    2016 Technic Reviews

    Great reviews as always Jim. Photo quality is exceptional. Thanks
  7. Kronos

    My Unimog Family

    That Zetros is awesome! I've seen it on here before and am curious if there are instructions or an LDD available?
  8. 9:10 16:6 20:4 2:3 10:2 14:1
  9. This looks great! Both standard and battle mode. Very cool
  10. I love this car. I'm building it now and am really impressed. What I'm not impressed by is that it hasn't been front paged or put in the Hall of Fame yet. I officially nominate this for both... Jim?
  11. I know Paul personally and can guarantee this is NOT him trying to make money. It's an offer to the community to get aw Technic merch......
  12. Sign me up for a couple hats Paul. Those are really cool
  13. Kronos

    [MOC] Hummer H2

    Great job! Thanks for the LXF
  14. I got mine from overseas at right about the same time and price.
  15. Kronos

    [MOC] The Mistress

    Great job!! I can't wait to build this.....