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  1. Meadius

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    I did a quick check on Brickset, and it looks to me that the torso and hair are the same between this polybag, the Flower Fruit Mountain, and the Heavenly Realms. The face is different in each, and the legs from this polybag are new (or maybe taken from another minifigure).
  2. I think the standouts for me are Jay's Mech and Zane's Dragon. I'm not sure that I'll get either, but they're both among the best of their respective set types we've gotten. Also love the seeming Eva reference with Jay's mech, it makes for a really unique design. The mech cycle is fun too, though slightly too cartoonish for my taste.
  3. I've never seen that before, but wow that's kind of hilarious. The droids at the fire is just perfect.
  4. Meadius

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Bring on the Morb. Otherwise I'm not too stoked for the upcoming sets; hopefully I end up pleasantly surprised.
  5. Meadius

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    I have been thinking about trying to get into MOCing but at the moment I don't really have the funds for it, especially since there's still a lot of stuff from thus year (and even some from last year) that I'm more interested in grabbing. I suppose I'll probably just bite the bullet soon and get Zane on his own.
  6. Meadius

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    I still want that Golden Zane from the Raider, but I really don't feel like buying the set and the standalone figure goes for $15+ on Bricklink. I guess I should probably grab it before the set retires and he jumps up in price but my cheapskate impulses are telling me not to buy an entire minifigure for that much. It's a shame that set it so lackluster.
  7. I was actually thinking this might be why they did Core again. While it's by no means cheap-looking, Core does generally feel a little simplified compared to the standard Ninjago wave, whereas Crystalized felt like a big step up. Perhaps the new strategy is to do a wave that uses less of the budget in the first half of the year, so then more can be put towards the summer sets.
  8. Meadius

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    I think the big reason why other themes' threads tend to be more active is because there's just more to talk about. Licensed themes in particular basically have an endless amount of stuff to speculate on since the sets are usually pulling from multiple, extremely deep wells of content. That's not a fault of Monkie Kid or Ninjago, it's just how it works for original Lego series from what I've seen.
  9. I don't know if there's any precedent suggesting it'd go for half off, but it might be hitting it's EoL soon so I imagine there will be some kind of sale then if there isn't anything for Black Friday.
  10. Meadius

    [REVIEW] 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe

    I still don't have the Bad Batch Shuttle, and even though I kind of want it, I can't say this review convinced me to get it (hopefully the Bad Batch show up in a nicer set next year). The Scythe looks great though, I'll have to grab it at some point. Thanks for the great comparison pictures.
  11. I didn't realize that was speculation either. Hopefully no errant YouTuber has looked at this thread recently, but those three do seem like a safe bet since it's still Core.
  12. It's interesting that they chose these three for the gimmick sets this time around. I'm assuming they're a follow-up to the ones from this year since Kai, Lloyd, and Jay already all got one, but Kai and Lloyd are almost always in the yearly gimmick sets so its strange not seeing their names there.
  13. Meadius

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    Zane's set looks interesting but I need to see more of it. I like that we're getting a new Pixal, but I think the Zane might be the same one from this year (not sure though because I haven't looked at that one in a while).
  14. I'm really hoping we get some more Kaminoans somewhere else down the line. I'd love to have one but I don't feel the need to buy Taun We individually and I've already got the Hyperdrive version of this set. That's my main problem with this set; it doesn't look bad, but Taun We is the only selling point if you've already got the last version.
  15. Meadius

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    I always found that strange too. If I remember right the speculation at the time was that it might have originally been intended for Cole, but then given to Zane instead since Cole already had the mech with Kai.