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  1. I really doubt we'll ever get an Architecture set from IDEAS, though. There have indeed been some really good submissions that even reached the review phase, but they obviously clash with LEGO's own product line and I can't imagine them ever being greenlit. It's a bit like with modular buildings that also often reach the review phase: it's pretty clear they won't make it through the manual review. I can't really blame people for submitting them, let alone voting for them if they're great. But realistically there's not much of a point to it with regards to getting an actual IDEAS set out of them. As to new skylines (or any other set). I don't have high hopes for anything more this year. It would be great, but right now it doesn't quite look like it. I do hope they'll at least start right in January again, though. Wow, yes! That's indeed great that they're included in the model.
  2. I can't really imagine licensing costs to play a huge role in Architecture pricing. At the end of the day I guess it is merely a question of mainstream appeal. A famous tourist attraction that really anyone around the world immediately recognizes, probably promises a lot more sales. Of course I don't know if more original architecture would sell worse or if there really are licensing negotiations, but it's a good guess and that's probably what LEGO goes after. I'm not saying LEGO should look only on profit and nothing else, but let's face it... It is like with a lot of things in life. Similarly you could ask why Hollywood is doing the same remakes over and over. I know people tend to complain about building fun in Architecture, but I honestly don't mind and usually find these fun to build. Yes, laying 1x1 tiles is probably the least exciting, I would agree with that. But all the better is the feeling of success when it's done. (And with some easy aligning tool it's also not that terrible.) I also honestly think I would enjoy building the big Taj Mahal, that everyone claims to be THE nightmare of building. Like in real Architecture there can be repetition and drag, but it's part of the experience and it only adds to the accomplishment of the final building.
  3. No, I like it too. It looks great, fits nicely into the landmarks series, and I prefer an Architecture-sized model over the huge one.
  4. Hello, my name is Christian Rau and I'm from Germany. After having been a happy LEGO customer for almost the entire 90s, I didn't get back into LEGO until the end of 2019 and it was primarily the great Architecture series that dragged me back in. I have been following it for quite some time, but didn't really start getting serious about LEGO again until something triggered me to sort and catalogue all my old LEGO and start buying new stuff. I have since also caught up on (almost) all the Architecture sets and all the Creator Expert vehicles, which are my two primary collecting interests. I also get me the occasional IDEAS sets and I'm a big fan of Creator 3-in-1, too, also because it has really nice part-out-value. I also started MOCing last year, first with familiar things, like my own apartment, but also other little things, like mini versions of the Creator Expert cars. I'm a huge fan of micro and nano-scale and architecture specifically and because I generally work in the field of building survey and heritage preservation (though, as a mere software developer), I started making Architecture MOCs of buildings that my company worked on, some better known than others. I enjoy this a lot and since I like my workplace a lot, I find this a great and wholesome way to combine my hobby with my work (that sounds a bit cheesy, but it's the way I feel). And it also gives me the opportunity to put my MOCs in my office, where there's still mor room than in my appartment. A lot of my MOCs have instructions on Rebrickable and I also got me a Flickr account not too long ago. I'm still starting with my steps in the wider LEGO community.
  5. Wow, desperate for Architecture news I've read up on this thread and it's interesting to see this discussion. And just as I was to post a piece of mind about the lack of information, suddenly we got actual news! But like many, I'm not entirely sure what to think about it yet. While I understand the general complaints about the series's direction and would also appreciate some more emphasis on architecture again, I think that train has left and I personally don't have too much of a problem with the more tourist-oriented sets nowadays. I also like the Skyline series a lot. I was dissappointed a little last year. I think the skylines were good (not perfect maybe, but solid skylines). But while the White House of course looks great, I think it was an unnecessary remake. The old Adam Reed Tucker model to me still holds up with newer sets and the remake didn't really add as much as e.g. the Empire State or Guggenheim remakes, except for a bit more SNOT and some side wings. Someone brought up the Forbidden City as a possible topic for the new one and I would have appreciate that a lot, too. I'm a bit torn on this one. We didn't have a Taj Mahal in the Architecture series so far and I think it's generally a good choice (as I said, the times we got Wright and Le Corbusier here are over and I can live with that). I would also have really liked the Collosseum as a smaller Architecture version instead of this 2 million parts monster. But still, while I don't have a big problem with the fact that we already have the huge version (which I don't currently own anyway), I do agree it also kind of feels a little bit like a cheap move, especially considering that it so far seems to be the only set this year. I'm also not the biggest fan of the Architecture sets getting bigger and bigger, since I think the series lives from its small scale and easy collectibility. The White House also was rather the top end of the size spectrum, I think. However, judging from the box, the size seems okay for an Architecture set and I guess a lot of the pieces go into details. For these 2000 pieces the price is also okay and Architecture is generally worth its price and bargained anyway. All in all, I'm first and foremost happy we even got news and I think the set itself looks great. But I also can't shake the strange by-taste all this remakery and size increasery comes with. It really bothers me a little that we haven't gotten anything this year so far except for a single set that's not even entirely original. I didn't know that they blamed the Collosseum for that (but I'm also not quite sure I really buy that). With their recent 18+ PR mumbojumbo, it's a bit sad that THE classic 18+ series seems to be neglected currently. But I guess in the end I'm first and foremost looking forward to the set and hoping the best for the rest of the series.