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  1. nerowCZ

    Execution in the Middle of Nowhere

    It is snow land. Built using white plates a trans-clear plates on it.
  2. Poor villager who saw what he shouldn't. The mystical minotaur. And paid for it with his own life. Let his soul rest in peace. Execution in the Middle of Nowhere by nerowCZ, on Flickr
  3. nerowCZ

    MOC: Battle of Four Armies

    So there are final photos.
  4. This MOC was built by tonysize and nerow. We built this MOC for exhibition in Boskovice, Czech Republic. Detailed photos will be next month. This is how begun a battle that no one had expected. It was called the Battle of Four Armies. On one side were the Bat people and the People of the Dragon, and on the other side were Forestmen and the followers of the Lion. This is how it had started. Ever since the defeat of Brucelot from Wayn in the Competition of the Misty Mountains Classic the hatred of the Bat people against Forestmen had grown into a fury. Messengers traveled back and forth between all the training centers, kitchens and representatives, because the Bat people had decided that they are going to rule the whole league. That meant to defeat the actual leader of the rank, general Smaug uf the Dragon Knights. Just a few minutes before the beginning of the contest had arrived the Followers of the Lion, which was about to face the most horrible defeat in their history. But nobody could have known that at the moment, when the judge screamed: "Let the fastest eater win". Battle of Four Armies by nerowCZ, on Flickr
  5. nerowCZ

    MOC: Medieval Modular House

    Thanks. morganm: MOC hasn't got interiors. Maybe next times. And I was planning whole street.
  6. Hi, there is my second castle moc which Is build on end of august 2011. It's about attack on guard of house by a citizen. More pictures you can find in these sets. Flick set: Brickshelf set:
  7. nerowCZ

    [MOC] Preparation of Fish Soup

    Thanks for blogged in. I'm very appreciated it. There is brickshelf set with edited photos.
  8. nerowCZ

    The Sad Night by Hardegon

    Hardegon is one of the best builders from Czech Republic. There is flickr set
  9. nerowCZ

    [MOC] Preparation of Fish Soup

    Thanks for positive reactions. I'm mostly castle builder. Maybe in future I will make some more pirates MOC. I have some ideas.
  10. nerowCZ

    [MOC] Preparation of Fish Soup

    [pid][/pid]198A Hi all, I want to show you my first pirates MOC. It's about preparation of soup from a shark.
  11. nerowCZ

    MOC: To kill the Daimyo

    Wow. Great. Like your others MOCs.
  12. nerowCZ

    (WIP) MAN-O-WAR - Brick Hull

    I love this. Maybe you can make floors from brown/reddish brown/dark drown tiles.
  13. nerowCZ

    Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship

    Totally wonderful.
  14. nerowCZ

    Dragon Masters Tower

    Hi guys, I want to show you my second MOC. It's summer residence near sea for recreation and hunting dragons. More pictures on Brickshelf and Flickr. Flickr BrickShelf