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  1. It doesn't look bad in the physical plastic, to my way of thinking. We didn't discuss 7755 before. Here it is in azure: I'm taking the alternative model to be some sort of maintenance vehicle, so it should be orange: And its little brother from 7777: I also thought the other day that the tank wagons 136 / 7813 / 7816 would have a lot of scope for recolouring. An Octan 7816 looks reasonably straightforward, but remembering how many different designs of tank wagon Hornby (for example) made, that's only scratching the surface.
  2. SDLgo9

    7777 sticker sheet

    I don't think there was an original one, either. The only stickers I can remember seeing used in 7777 were from the donor models (eg, '7760' for the maintenance vehicle on page 4) or from idea book 6000 (the circus scene). I've seen one third-party sticker sheet that consists of: * Stickers of a size to fit on train doors (company logo with '7777' underneath) * Smaller stickers with just '7777' * Two weight / water / coal capacity stickers of a size to suit weight bricks All in white. But no clown faces -- they're in the same vendor's 6000 sticker sheet.
  3. Nice - the red/white/blue one reminds me of the 1960s style of tipper wagons. It looks like an orange 7720 would be possible (replacing the shutters with the style of grilles used in idea book 241), which I think would also look good on a works train. I also had a go at mocking up a 7750 in 30575 colours - sacrilege?
  4. I experimented with green because I had a fair amount of it to hand - it works quite well replacing red in a lot of models (such as the big 7777 diesels, or the 7730 diesel shunter). And there are green train doors and 1x2x3 windows, which is helpful. It might have been considerably more challenging to try and replicate an 80s model in purple or lime green. There's a bit more freedom in 80s locomotives than coaches, because they often just need doors rather than doors and windows. I think there'd be even more freedom when recolouring blue-era models, because they tend to be built from generic bricks and don't require colour-limited doors and windows. I did try sketching the 7740 locomotive in LeoCAD to see if it could be done in 30575 colours. It looks possible: It might also work on 7750 or the 7777 Pacific, though I haven't tried to mock those up. Recolouring 7750 (or 7727, 7730) would be one way of avoiding the requirement for those black windows...
  5. Thanks! If you don't like the idea of a Blacktron theme, you can always call it "4559 colours"
  6. 7720 can also be built in green (replacing the shutters with ridged 1x2 bricks). The coaches it's pulling are a mixture of 7710 and 7715 types, in 7740 colours. Talking of 7740, it seems to come out quite well in Blacktron black / yellow. As does 7760 (substituting 1x2 windows for the 1x3s). Also visible in the background: 7810 in green, and the edge of 7818 in white / red / blue.
  7. I think 7810 looks quite good in 30575 colours: Or with a slightly redesigned smokebox:
  8. SDLgo9

    Building 240/241

    By analogy with the 'Building 7777' thread, here's my attempt at reconstructing one of the models from the 241 idea book -- the 2-2-2 locomotive and train seen on page 81. Ideally I'd have made the coaches slightly taller so the minifigs could sit on the seats, but for now I've kept to the original dimensions. I didn't make any attempt to restrict myself to parts available at the time, but apart from embellishing it with minifigs and a couple of cheese wedges I think I've more or less matched the original outline. I found it interesting that the original designer came up with something so different from the 'black slopes on top of a motor' style that was so prevalent then.
  9. There are instructions for both of those locos at I've got them currently built, though neither in plain red. (We're drifting more towards the 'Building 7777' thread now, I think).
  10. That's an impressive piece of reverse engineering!
  11. SDLgo9

    7730 real-world locomotive

    I just noticed that there's another rebuild of 7730 on pp8, 9 and 11 of the 7777 book, but without a view of the front it'd be quite tricky to replicate.
  12. SDLgo9

    Building 7777

    Here are a couple of my attempts to reverse-engineer models seen in 7777, from pages 62-65: the breakdown train, and the signalbox. Has anyone tried to do something similar with the earlier ideas books 240 and 241? I came across one very impressive reconstruction of the big layout in 241, but compared to 7777 they seem to have a much lower profile online.