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  1. About 5-10€ I think, need the exact sizes to say that! :)
  2. https://s16.directupload.net/images/210419/nn2qe3wn.jpg https://s16.directupload.net/images/210419/jp8zgwal.jpg https://s20.directupload.net/images/210419/lbrq9v8i.jpg https://s8.directupload.net/images/210419/u9j9rpi4.jpg https://s8.directupload.net/images/210419/dgxaimyd.jpg https://s8.directupload.net/images/210419/xslsievp.jpg These are some of my latest works, I can literally do anything :) I couldnt upload them here cause the max size is 0.1MB Im also doing: Acryl (Stands, Plaquettes) All kind of stickers (Pre Cut on Sticker Vinyl) Capes, Flags :) Let me know if you are interested in some :) Here is also another one: https://ibb.co/M5q6mY0
  3. Yeah, just let me know how i can get into contact with you guys and i will show you everything ive done :)
  4. Hey! I could do that, im doing all kind of custom things for lego, like capes, sails, acrylic things and more! How can I show you some of my work? Can you give me your mail by any chance? Hope we will work that out! Kind Regards