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  1. swils

    Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    The actual interaction is still in need of ruling, I believe. Putting the ruby in a different piece of equipment would have the same net effect on your character as if you had put it into the shield, if you have both the ruby-infused equipment and the weak-to-fire shield equipped at the same time.
  2. swils

    Heroica RPG - Crescent Union

    Following a summons from the Crescent Union for an important debate, Thormanil managed to find his way into the mansion just as the tail end of the remarks were being made. As he listened to the resulting debate among other members of the union, he found his position, and spoke to those who would listen: "Education takes time, time we don't have. There's unrest in the city and we can get more folks outta here, into good jobs in a cleaner environment, more quickly with Jun's plan. That's breathin' room for us, gets the masses out of the hands of the Wolfgang or the Bonapartes. Once we've come in and made our move to help, we can worry about longer term things like schoolin' for all the folk." Vote: Option 1 - Employment
  3. swils

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "We've been good, taking time away from the spotlight. It's refreshing to see the latest batch of up and comings go off, I think. It wasn't so long ago that I was in their shoes, eager to go play the hero. I think Arx took off to watch one group pay a visit to the old man's fields. He's getting restless. But you, how have you been? Any word from Miirym? I can't quite picture myself at a hundred percent if Arx had suddenly decided to go his own way." Pocketing the gemstone, he places a Grating Stone on the table. "And thank you for that, yes it should help immensely. I can't just take it, though--please, have this. Gonna need as sharp a stick as you can get until you reunite with Miirym."
  4. swils

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Thormanil meanders back into the Hall, and catches sight of Arthur making his rounds. He attempts to catch Arthur's attention as he passes, to motion him towards a table once he's done with his dealings.
  5. swils

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Oh, man. Now that was some top-level theorycrafting. In retrospect, it's probably a very, very good thing that the change on Steal went through. Guts definitely wouldn't have had the fattest wallet around anymore!
  6. swils

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Seven pages of results for a single word. There's nothing out of balance about it. The thread is there for, and I quote, The point is simply that it is already easy enough to find the information you're looking for within the thread. In fact, with a little searching before hand, you would have seen your own question, regarding stats, answered several times already over the years. It's a popular question because that is, I believe, one of the more intimidating aspects for a new host -- trying to make the battles appropriately challenging.
  7. swils

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    The search button up top + a little bit of time invested can yield great results. For example, by searching the thread for "Balance", I narrowed a 151 page thread down to 7 pages of results, and there are several posts within that which directly address your most recent question. Took me all of five minutes to scan the results and find that information.
  8. swils

    Heroica RPG - Wikia Contest

    Well, that answers that, then! Let the Lances page stand as a testament to my over-eagerness! Haha
  9. swils

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Im the exact opposite. I'm much happier being able to search directly for the thing I want to know, rather than have to search "effects" to find a given effect's properties. Meanwhile, if I'm on a page that has something I don't know (a piece of armor that has Transcended on it, let's say), I can always just click the "Transcended" link from that page, and learn what it does, and that way, each Object with Transcended on it doesn't have to re-explain what transcended is/does.
  10. swils

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    I'm afraid that my thoughts on the quest are going to center more around myself, than the quest itself / your hosting, Endgame. I can't quite recall, but I feel like my last few end-of-quest-thoughts posts have shared the same apologetic tone: I'm just not as into it as I once was. That definitely came through on 147, and it wasn't fair to you or to the other party members, all of whom were making all the effort in the world to engage each other. I genuinely appreciate the instances where folks reached out to me directly, and most of you did so on at least one occasion, often when I had hit a lull or seemed to have gone silent. Big conversation / development happens, everyone gets into it, and I'm on the sidelines, then someone prods me for Thormanil's thoughts, or tries to include me. I really, really appreciate that. I do. The hooks were offered to me, and I just couldn't bring myself to take advantage of them beyond an acknowledgement. I mentioned it very early on, but my living situation changed last-minute for the summer. I went from having the housing I've had the past 2 summers, to being in a dry cabin on the edge of town, with no internet and spotty cell coverage at best. That, compounded with a faltering desire to RP vs just play out the battles, left me as a really crummy teammate to all of you. I was late to post, I barely contributed, etc etc. Sob story etc. So I want to just apologize to everyone for that. I thought I could tough it out, but by the end I was posting out of obligation rather than enthusiasm. Before signing up, I asked Endgame which quests I should brush up on to come into this with some prior knowledge. I skimmed them in my free time, but it would seem that not enough stuck to really tie me to the arc. Ultimately, I felt like I was just here to slay a big, troublemaking dragon, and that was at odds with everyone who wanted to really get invested in the story and do this or do that. My motivation was to reach the dragon, and put the dragon down. That opened up one avenue of characterization during the mob of proggs scene, but beyond that, it wasn't a very interesting path to take and didn't give anyone much to work with. I tried to get involved on the dragons-side of things as well, but quickly realized that this was to be a period of characterization between Miirym/Immortalis, and Arx was merely my window into that conversation. I stayed out of it because I didn't want to step on toes anymore than I already had by inviting myself along, and the content of their conversation largely flew over my head. For me, the quest was more of just a long, drawn out realization that I probably didn't belong there. I don't want to have any of that detract from the actual quest, though. That all reflects on me, not any of you. I've got my own gripes for you lot! I don't, actually, not much, at least. The pace seemed to slow to a crawl near the end, but I can hardly complain about that; several battle turns and other scenes were stalled by a day or more by my own inaction. I think Flipz covered a lot of my feelings towards the mechanics/battles/loot, so I'll just piggyback on what he said in those regards (I'll also echo that writing for the dragon companion is turning out to be difficult!). Questing with (most) of you was a generally pleasant experience, and I'd hope that I haven't soured too many of you to my company that you'd want to avoid me in the future, once I'm back in the middle of civilization and have both time and internet. You've all got very distinct flavors for your characters, and though there were clashes, they were enjoyable to go back and read through when I was able to catch up. There was one exception, and it was very reminiscent of Wren-era Arthur. I cringed at every long winded monologue, and very much wanted to ignore the character rather than make any effort to engage them / try to change their mind. One gripe that I have to toss out, was during our Charon fight. I was admittedly late on posting an action, and it had been suggested that I use one of my more potent consumables, the 99 damage bomb. I had PM'ed Endgame about an alternate action, explaining that I didn't want to go and take a creative action (chasing Charon through his own portal, to create a duplicate of Thormanil) if it ran a significant risk of failing or worse, harming the party, because I hadn't been a reliable teammate up to that point and knew the value of using the bomb in this case. The round got rolled without me having submitted the action to use the bomb, and I was left feeling a bit salty about that. Granted, there probably won't be another time where that bomb would have done me much more good than it did there, and it would only grow weaker as enemies scaled up, but I felt it set a bad precedent of using someone else's consumables without their consent. That was compounded by the fact that I had contacted EG reasonably prior to the round being rolled, although perhaps I should have noted in thread that I had done so and had reason for being (further) late to post. The tone of all of this comes off far more negative than I want it to, but I think that is chalked up more to my own mistakes/problems than yours, EG. Truthfully, I wasn't invested enough in the quest to comment on the more delicate details like characters, motivation, etc. I got to slay a dragon and take home some loot, so I'm happy Thanks for including me in your finale, I enjoyed it as much as I was able!
  11. swils

    Heroica RPG - Wikia Contest

    Further investigation revealed a more robust weapon inventory on the wiki than I had originally found. After writing up a link-heavy page for the Dragonsbane Lance, I could totally adapt that for a bunch of gear, and convert the current weapon/equipment hubs into just that--hubs, rather than compilations of the equipment and their details.
  12. swils

    Heroica RPG - Wikia Contest

    If some enterprising individual were to catalogue all (or at least, as many as are current) non-vanilla weapons, by their stats-at-time-of-acquisition and their quest of origination/other source, and creating a clean network of links to various effects & quests attached to each article would that user be entitled to reap the harvest of some several hundreds of pages? Or would you, Sandy, simply abash that user for their blatant attempt at gaming the system (even if they made a genuine effort to submit each as a polished and quality article)? Depending on the answer, some other enterprising individuals better not steal the first individual's idea before they have a chance to actually make it happen
  13. swils

    Heroica RPG - Quest #147: Judgment Day

    "A pair of wings might be just what I need to keep from breakin a leg on the drop, now that this guy's gettin big enough to really pick me up." He nudges Arx jokingly, to ease the mood.
  14. swils

    Heroica RPG - Quest #147: Judgment Day

    Thormanil grumbles and fastens his fist around his lance, knowing that a single deft stroke would settle this matter once and for all. Both he and his lance were quite capable of living up to their titles. "We're done talking. He had his chance to negotiate a peace, but time and again chose violence." He took note of others hesitating to strike. "If anyone wants t'do the deed and claim some personal victory, step up now, or I'll finish this myself." His Dragonsbane Lance leveled at the great dragon's brow, Thormanil somberly readies himself to take Ikarus' life, should no one else immediately put their own blade to task.