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  1. Thank you for such wonderful New Year Gift! All works fine for me, thanks again for the great effort!
  2. vincelam58

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    The fa├žade is so detailed! The bright yellowish orange color is amazing!
  3. vincelam58

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Another fabulous build! This is truly a grand hotel!
  4. vincelam58

    [MOC] Toy Store

    Both the interior and exterior are great, really like the stair design!
  5. vincelam58

    [MOC] Everyday life of a dwarf

    Amazing details! And the lighting is just incredible!
  6. vincelam58

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

    Really like all those tiny details, and the color choice is superb!
  7. What a wonder build! I have seen several different builds over the years, this is the most impressive one by far.
  8. vincelam58

    [MOC] PRR GG1 and PRR R1

    Great work! The model looks realistic, the color is great as well.
  9. I was so exited for this news today until I read the 8/10 wide part... I saw the new Hogwarts Express in my local Lego store, the size really turned me off...
  10. Great news! Thank you. Was waiting for this part for my 10305 build.
  11. Hi, would it be possible to add the following part (80543) to the next update as well? Thanks in advance.
  12. Great software, really useful! In order to open the jar file, you need to install Java for Windows.