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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Yeah I did use some parts of 42000 design in this MOC and of course tried to improve them. 42000 is probably modelled after a later Ferrari F1 variant, like the F150 of the year 2011, not the F2004. Set 8674 is the closet Lego set I would say, although it's modelled after the F2005, again not the F2004 :)
  2. Hello everyone. I would like to share a MOC I have just completed: Ferrari F2004 F1 car It’s in 1:8 scale with 1700+ parts. Some features: working V10, pushrod suspensions, steering wheel, removable front wing, rear wing, headrest, and engine cover I have uploaded some pictures to bricksafe: F2004 Bricksafe Instruction is also available here: F2004 Instruction
  3. Thank you! Thank you for following along, Thank you for the kind words! Regarding the modular bit, I’m inspired by many expert builders on this site. Having built some supercars such as ones from Bruno or Charbel, I must say connecting the modules is one of the best part of the building experience so I tried to have that in this MOC, too Thank you! It was a dream-comes-true to me too, glad that I was able to finish it Thank you! I got to say I had it easier because 42000 suspension is a rather good base. Also thanks to quite a number of videos on YouTube that explain F1 suspension to dummies like me, I was able to grasp concepts such as torsion bar, heave spring, damper, anti-roll bar... I tried to give it a go but not every concept was incorporated of cos @Gray Gear @TeamThrifty @Jerry LEGO Creations I can see very valid points from your posts, and I do see MOC makers giving more love to suspensions over the years.The LEGO Group should set an example, too. If someone can put anti-roll bar into the Porsche GT3 RS set with a few simple modifications, I don’t see why TLG can’t. Especially when their target audience for those 1:8 supercars is 18+, I’m pretty sure many will be very happy with such additions
  4. Thank you! Those tires are almost perfect as intermediates haha, if only the rear tires are a bit wider Thank you! That’s a nice suggestion. I don’t have those bricks now but will have some in order Those caps are experimental, didn’t make it to the final version :) Thank you for following along. Not gonna lie, those instagram likes do give me motivation to finish the MOC
  5. @saberwing40k thank you very much. Took me a while to find the guide to upload pictures I just uploaded the pictures to Flicker and embedded them here: