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  1. Asdru4

    [MOD] 75021 Republic Gunship

    Hey, thanks for your message :D I will try to still speak with a good english then, if I can ! Wasn't looking to the topic as there was no answer during a long time :3 Did few upgrades, with the handles for passengers, few greeblings and missiles under wings. I will begin the production !
  2. Asdru4

    [MOD] 75021 Republic Gunship

    Hey, some news (hope someone will give advice ) Changed the turrets and the doors (can fully open or close even if there is the bubble turret) + changed the back cannon + some minors changes. Next step : missiles under wings and try do something better in passengers area.
  3. Hey, first of all, sorry for my bad english :D Then, I'm here to share some pictures of my WIP of MOD for the 75021 Republic Gunship, take some advices and try to do my best on it. I chose the 75021 because for me it's the best representation (now there is UCS ^^) and with a good scale. Will have to wait before seeing pictures of real lego as I want to have all the modifications on studio before do the changes :) First, I wanted to remove the missiles and handle at the top for something more "realistic". Then I change a little bit the front of it to remove the flag. Moreover there are some minors changes too for wings or on the structure. Next step is probably to do something better (if I can) on bubble turrets, on the back of the ship too, on the back turret and add handles in the part dedicate to the passengers. Don't know if I will try to do full close doors (so no more bubble turrets maybe), it seems in the movies that the doors can't fully close (but fully close in Clone Wars). See you !