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  1. Does the moon featured in the recent promotional set use a sticker, or is it a print?
  2. ShilohCyan

    Mini/micro diorama tips?

    Hey, after building the May the Fourth homestead set and hearing about a rumored 2021 set, I'm getting into mini/micro builds. I'm ready to build a Death Star diorama for the original trilogy but I'm struggling with ideas for the prequels and sequels. Coruscant would be more grey next to the Death Star, and I don't need more desert if I have Tatooine on display as well. Christophsis would be just another city and trans blue would be hard to find in the quantities needed. As for the sequel trilogy, they don't stay put very much. Jakku and Pasaana are yet another desert on top of Tatooine and maybe Geonosis. Krayt and Starkiller Base would look a lot like Hoth which I might do. Takodana, D'qar, and the jungle from 9 I don't remember the name of don't have enough important events. So what are 1 or 2 planets from the prequels and sequels that would look different enough from Tatooine and the Death Star that would make sense to have battles raging overhead? and please keep your "prequels/sequels suck" comments to yourself. They're irrelevant and the OT is my priority anyway.
  3. ShilohCyan

    Parting out modulars/Bricks n Pieces?

    Finally have wifi and using it now. Or trying to. I uploded my bricklists but can't get to transfer to the shopping cart. Something about synchronization past 48 hours blah blah
  4. ShilohCyan

    LSW1 Superkit Tantive IV brick list?

    YES!!!! Thank you!
  5. ShilohCyan

    LSW1 Superkit Tantive IV brick list?

    Thanks for trying to help but this has nothing to do with what I'm looking for.
  6. ShilohCyan

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Disney Channel original series Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace, Doof, Kim, Ron, Shego, Drakken, Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Ford, Wendy.......... Todd and Riley?
  7. ShilohCyan

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Officially, a few 501st battle packs, the X wing, and the tatooine homestead from May the 4th. From Bricklink, bObA fEtT'S sTaRsHiP (I understand the name change and it always rubbed me the wrong way as a kid but still) that I got with no minifigs for $27! (I have Mando and prefer the older minifigs so have a Boba and carbonite han on their way)
  8. Hey, I've been replaying Lego Star Wars 1 on PS2 for the first time in probably about 13 years, and staring at the superkit Tantive IV. If you don't remember, getting True Jedi status in every level got you a piece, and completing it would unlock the bonus A New Hope level. Anyway, I've seen only two builds of it outside the game. One looked like a digital render and the other was part of the massive Dexter's Diner MOC someone made. Anyway not the mini one that came with the UCS star destroyer, nor the one from the planet set, will do it for me. I want that chonky boi from the game anyone know what pieces I have to get/have instructions or do I have to meticulously take notes as I do another playthrough?
  9. ShilohCyan

    Jango Fett's Starship (v 75222)

    So beautiful. Nearly every day I lament how much Lego snubs the PT and attack of the clones specifically. Jango's S1 and the speeder chase haven't been released since the movie came out. None of Padme's ships, no Lars homestead, no Geonosis Arena or droid factory or Jedi Temple or Padme's apartment or Senate building. And yet we have so many T16 Skyhoppers, Imperial Landing Craft, and Flash Speeders that were in the background for a few seconds each. Anyway well done. it looks really great!!
  10. ShilohCyan

    Odds of Vintage Car returning?

    Good to know it was out of stock. I suspect the dickens and mclaren sets returned only to make space for the UCS gunship and vidiyo stuff etc releasing 8/1.
  11. title says it all. With the Christmas Carol set returning, and the McLaren polybag before that, having been mostly on the sidelines of Lego interest for the last 10 years, I was wondering what the chances of the Ideas Vintage Car gift with purchase are, and what the purchase requirement was last time. thanks!
  12. ShilohCyan

    Parting out modulars/Bricks n Pieces?

    right but I mean.. how would I know what I have and don't have afterwards, without counting every single piece yet again
  13. ShilohCyan

    Parting out modulars/Bricks n Pieces?

    But I mean on Bricklink, say... the doors someone mentioned. Will the bricklink list only consist of things like that that lego doesn't make, or will everything be on bricklink? maybe I should see how this thing works first.
  14. ShilohCyan

    Literary minifigs?

    Not sure if this is a good place. So I got the modular bookstore and the free Christmas Carol set in the recent sale (my store was out of the mini adidas :/ ). I was gonna stick Scrooge in the bookstore and had the idea to just fill it with classic literary characters, but the vague naming of CMFs can make this difficult. I know of "Mr. Good and Evil" and totally-not-sherlock Detective CMFs, the various totally-not-Frankenstein and totally-not-dracula, and little red riding hood from the Ideas book set. Totally-not-poseidon and some other greek myth characters. (The Journey to the West gang but I'll also have Flower Fruit Mountain on display so probably not). Who else is there? debating but might ultimately decide against characters like Harry Potter, Dorothy, Pooh, and Frodo since those are based on the movies rather than the books, but would still like to hear suggestions in that vein!
  15. ShilohCyan

    Parting out modulars/Bricks n Pieces?

    I've used bricklink before for retired pieces and minifigs yes, but trying to avoid waiting 6 weeks for some parts from 87 different sellers. I do have a bricklist of every modular but the bookstore, and every winter village set. but even if every piece is available that'll be easily a few thousand dollars, and difficult to keep track of each retired piece I don't have. I might start with the palace cinema and 50s diner if at all. pick a brick at my local store (which, I'm thankfully a 30-minute bus ride from the only one in my state) is pretty darn small. it's like.. steering wheels. carrots. yellow 4x6 plates. mixel eyes a lot of useless stuff tbh. I did it a few months ago just for the containers and struggled to fill one with anything useful. This is just what I needed! but I just moved and don't have wifi. Guess I'll have to head to a coffee shop to see if this works in the states but THANK YOU! Any tips on determining what to leave on the bricklist that isn't produced anymore? or does the browser automatically delete them?