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  1. Obviously great at first glance, and then still great with minutes of glancing and noticing each excellent area and its details.
  2. Nice! I like the tree on the right and the action posing
  3. Oh I like this a lot. It feels like a very pleasant small town to live in -- ignoring the stormtroopers of course
  4. Thank you, part of my main goal in building this was to make something very large but also very open, with the spacing and atmosphere feeling more relaxed rather than compact. The story is yet to play out, but I fear there may be no more mandalorian episodes after it does
  5. Thanks stu. I am liking all the builds and vehicles you have been dropping as well Thanks, yeah I actually tried a trans clear brick column first, but opted for a technic option that gave me more stability and a more dynamic flight angle. But it definitely stands out more. My hope was that it at least would blend somewhat with the black border at the bottom.
  6. The colors of the tower are just so well balanced. I like the waterfall/rocks too and just wish you had had the pieces to bring it into an even larger and complete view.
  7. Anyone who sees this instantly regrets not buying the buildable TIE pilot helmet.
  8. *Your entry has earned 17 XP* The Empire is not what it was, but fanatical loyalists continue to ravage the galaxy -- intent on destroying the Jedi. While the Empire once controlled the entire Lothal system at the height of its might, the remnants settle for creating havoc on the outlying moons of the Lothal system. Members of an Unidentified Imperial Remnant have discovered and promptly attacked the Cold Sun Monastery on an outlying moon, where force-sensitive monks maintain balance of the sun’s effect on their moon via rituals and prayers. In the midst of invasion and upcoming solar instability, many of the moon’s sparse inhabitants have wasted no time in fleeing in a re-equipped Republic-era H2 executive shuttle. As the people escape, one last monk remains to hold the balance of the tides and the sun for a few last moments until his strength -- and the bones of the naïve invading force -- run dry in the imminent solar flares.
  9. A new season of Factions dawns for a new generation... With it arises a chance to be reborn... for those for whom lives of crime, pillaging, and war have run their course, and a calling of the force is finally heard... I stand among them, if my midichlorian count tests positive.
  10. perfect balance of seamless but textured