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  1. starwarcam

    [Q10 - Ubrikkia - CFS] Imp Mando Coven

    This build is so freaking cool
  2. thank you, glad to be here. Everyone has been very welcoming and kind.
  3. Thanks, the landing platform was absolutely an afterthought haha
  4. starwarcam

    [Q16-Tatooine-CS] Introduction Part 1

    This not only looks great but really captures the narrative well. The people in the scene seem like they have real lives, especially the Ardennian for whatever reason. You used the faces and posing and accessories to craft the characters in a great way.
  5. i was so focused on looking at the ship that i didnt even notice the hangar at first--wow. so good. The details are so seamless and natural-looking with the subtle chips to the clean walls making it even more real
  6. starwarcam

    [K4-Muunilist-CS] The Muunilist Campaign Part 1

    Those 2 trees add so much good detail and balance
  7. such a hard ship to pull off well with all the angles, but you have done it, quite well
  8. Thank you, and I looked up batteries not included and now cannot un-see the similarity haha Thanks. And hm, of those options I will select pulp sci fi and then decommission the poor fella to the concept art trash heap
  9. Thanks, yeah I just didnt wan't to leave my guys stuck on the roof haha. It was function over form on that one. Thanks Darth. The wall with the writing was directly inspired by your yellow bounty hunters build actually. I really liked the thin, sideways plates look and the rapid color shifts it allowed.
  10. Thanks! I was mainly inspired by the ID9 seeker droids that the inquisitors use in the Rebels cartoon, so that might have contributed to the cartoonish look of my "map droid."
  11. The interior of the ship is so spacious and looks actually livable for the crew. Impressive while maintaining what looks like good overall structure of the build.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, definitely not the most iconic ship haha. I didn’t remember it either. Came across it on a list of clone wars ships and decided to make it.
  13. I am a big fan of the colors and the way they pair with the scenery. The balance between symmetry and asymmetry is just right. Also thanks for introducing me to this clone wars artwork.