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  1. Hi all! I'm very new to this (and the world of) forum, so if this is the wrong place or something, please tell me! I've a couple of questions about the Lego differentials. I'm turning the new Porsche 911 into an RC-car, and I want to put a differential in the rear axle. Now, I only have a space of 3 studs: 1 stud at each side of the axle itself. The rear-motor is an L-motor and has to be set in the full width of the car, so that its gear is placed parallel to the gear of the rear axle. So, the differential has to be for parallel gears. With that in mind I ended up with the versions 6573 or 65414 (the 2020 version). Will those fit in the space of a width of 3 studs? And there's something about gear ratios. In my mind, it is better to have a bigger gear on the axle of the motor itself, and a smaller gear on the rear axle that's connected to the wheels. But, with those 2 diff versions they both have a big gear in itself, probably bigger than the gear will be that's placed on the 'motor'-axle (if there's enough space for one of those diffs). Will that be a problem? Hope that somebody can help me out with this, cause I'm new in the world of drving shafts and things like that!