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  1. Hi Cehnot Well done. Simply put, detail level and hull design is as good as it gets. I have a very particular request - any update on hammocks? I was thinking the exact same for my ship S/Y Brune Kritte and wondered if you have any neat ideas. I would think a pure brick hammock is impossible, but maybe there are options to make it out of some lego netting of sorts? Yannis
  2. Hi Valon Yes, I'm surprised that there's not other ships out there .. I guess acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene lego plastics is not really ideal for ship building 40-cannons-worth was a head-ache to collect, but I had to out-do a dear friend of mine who constructed an amazing 38-cannon 3-master last year hha ha.
  3. thanks Jack. Actually this poor trim is more due to the fact that I gave up calibrating becaus the 4 degree celsius water was getting to me. When she's goin' down wind she trimmed just fine, but when still in the water it looks not great. It's an easy fix i would say because there is movable steel at the keel. I didn't use any glue, - just lego, string, bolts and wood - and steel at the bottom. My assumption is that she is unsinkable unless gusts of wind bring the masts down. Maybe in the summer one could race the ship if there's 4-5 m/s. Yannis
  4. Dear all Simply wanted to get some feedback on the model below. Anyone else got some sea-worthy vessels, or is everyone tabletop lego-builders? In general one can say that I've tried to stay true to the design and aesthetics of the Black Seas Barracuda (1988). Trimmed to hard on the aft when not making way, but none the less calibration of hull is straight forward. This was the first actual sail test. I've been considering building in an engine for remote control, but not as of now. Glad if anyone else has some floating models to present, or other ideas. Have a nice spring- Yannis