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  1. Brilliant!! Thanks, it's perfect. It does run just as smoothly 👍
  2. I tried that too, but I can only connect the cam through the hole in its middle and the phase between the pistons becomes the same as with the normal cylinders. So I chose the 1x2 beams because they give me what to me looks like a reasonably better approximation of a tripolar V6 crankshaft. @Pato Sentado Thanks
  3. Thanks to @Ngoc Nguyen's digital build (thank you!), I realised that my previous design of the V6 mini-engine would hit the top of the sidepods in one point. So, here is a better one. It's sturdier than the other one and the action of the crankshaft is much smoother. It will be mounted lower, so the crankshaft is connected to the wheels through a gear reduction which also spins the split turbo. Given the space, I've added a fake air intake as well. The V-angle is now 68°. I know it should be 90° but this is the best I've been able to come up with so that the pistons can move within the slots in the bodywork the 42141 design provides. Thoughts? ########## EDIT: 120° crankshaft
  4. Yes. However, I'm planning to put in a mini-engine with spinning turbo, and too much rotational speed might rend it to pieces. Besides, what is lost in speed is gained in noise and moving parts, so I think that's ok. (And I would really like to implement a pullback motor as an representation of KERS, as suggested by @Void_S on page 12 here)
  5. V8, raised, attached further back (and connected through a gear reduction?) Plus other modifications I don't think I can figure out.
  6. I've tried this kind of assembly now. Considering the tolerances, the illegal technique is less wobbly. The parts don't get twisted but only pushed to the limit. It's probably because it has to hold the long blade, is it?
  7. [bows] …I think the King has just turned up to show how it's done. Looking forward to seeing more of your version For the V6, did you use the cylinders or a different setup?
  8. I'm not too thrilled by the 2022 livery (too little of that New Blue they used for the MCL35M Monaco). McLaren's choice of complementary colours these last few years possibly made it the most eye-pleasing car, especially in 2021. I rather like the way the Lego model looks, even if it's not accurately representing the 2022 livery: it still has a referent in reality— two actually, both of which I really like. The 2022 shape & functions need some tweaking, but that's the fun of it, otherwise 180€ would evaporate in just a few hours.
  9. @Pato Sentado @pleegwat Cool, thanks Yep, what you lose in reciprocating motion I think you gain in sound, complexity, and stroke order. Speaking of which, I'm not sure what the best Lego approximation of the crankshaft in a Formula 1 90° V6 engine would be. Has there been any model with pull-rod front suspension to draw inspiration from, for a modification of this McLaren?
  10. I know it’s a bit early But while we wait for the set to be released… I don’t like the cylinder parts much anymore, so I intend to modify the engine. Judging from the photos we’ve seen, the engine is connected through the two connector blocks and apparently nowhere else. I’ve tried to make a new engine of the same size but of the kind I prefer, and with an attempt at a fake split turbo. Assuming there is a bit of space above where one connector block would be, the spinning ‘compressor wheel’ would be visible from the slot in the bodywork. Depending on the clearance beneath the engine, there’s a geared solution that would make the ‘compressor’ spin faster, and a rubber band solution that takes up less space. How bad it it? Suggestions?
  11. @apachaihapachai Nice! Very much If the side discs are removed, will the McLaren look like this?
  12. Compared to this, the Silver Champion looks like the Terminator after it came out of the fire. Cool, yes, but it misses something…😅
  13. What makes a split turbo that difficult? Ooh, I like this
  14. I don't know, I still like it… but all things considered it's really expensive. And the wrong name on the tyres does feel like a bad joke. I don't mind the lack of a gearbox at all, but the same old engine bores me stiff… at least they could have come up with a more interesting engine for this 18+ model. There should be a turbo, something that spins, it's been Turbo V6 for 8 years now… That, and what there is already, would have made it a brilliant model, for me. I wonder if something like this (poor attempt of mine) would actually fit: