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    Lego is lego, so i like almost everything
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    Bought the friends barber for my little nephew

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    Making music (drums (metal drumming) keyboard, guitar)
    Everything related to computers (gaming, hardware, tech etc)
    Funfairs, theme parks, slides in swimming pools.


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  1. maramsp

    move sets to another room?

    The window thats lighning the room is on the west. So only later afternoon and early evening sunlight. But yes, A good lightning system is mandatory, especially if i want to expand my collection and put em all together. Thank you VERY much for this warning. Would blackout curtains and a fan make sure that my LEGO won't get damaged over time? Or should i take extra measures? Indeed, that would a good option! Thank you as well :D And now, back to building... Ive started with the hogwarts express, as Harry travels with it, before entering the castle. I also made some pictures while building, and tried to create a different scene every time a major compartment was added to the "whole picture". So I would probally share them later when i've finished builing for the time being :) So like I said, back to building (as I really love it!)
  2. Hey all. As of today im in the posession of the hogwarts castle, and the hogwarts express. But in the room where i wanna showcase them is no light switch. Only natural light via a big window. And because its getting dark here now, i still wanna start building tonight. So would it be easy to move the sets to the other room? Or would you advice me to get a portable light to that room and start building there instead of the living room? Thanks in advance for thinking with me. Cheers, Mara
  3. maramsp

    Hi everyone!

    Also a warm welcome from me Alan!
  4. Thank you both :) Ive have given my ideal picture some thought. And what would be my ideal plan is to have at one side of the room a medieval fantasy world with harry potter/lord of the rings, etc, and then buy the hogwarts express set, which has platform 9 3/4. And when that station is ofcourse in london, maybe i would buy the tower bridge, or other buildings to have both a fantasy world and a normal world in one room with a train line which is the bridge between these worlds. I think with a bit of imagination i can realise this isnt it?
  5. Hello all, I'm Martijn, nicknamed Mara or Maramsp, and was born in 85' in Zwolle, the Netherlands. I switched towns 3-4 times, before eventually arriving in my "new" hometown Almelo. True in hart though, I will always feel myself to be a blauwvinger (bluefinger) which is the nickname of people that are from Zwolle. Before I continue, it might be interesting to know (as this is an introduce yourself sub forum) that i love everything that has to do with computers, funfairs, themeparks, slides in swimming pools, and that i love to make music (im a (metal) drummer, i play keyboard, and a little guitar) Especially my love for funfairs is huge. F.e, in 2019 i visited 76 of them across the netherlands and western germany close to the dutch border. But i've not only visted them. I also took pictures, and put them into trip reports, and uploaded them to sites related to them. When you google for maramsp kermis (tested this on and you find lots of pictures. Ive scrolled myself for a while and found out that actually most of the pictures on the google images are actually mine. When you click em, you go to the webpage i've posted the trip reports on. I write my reports in both dutch and german, so the sites on the google images sections that have .nl as extension are ofcourse dutch, and there is actually one german site where i post too, so if you click the picture with the .de extension, my report will be in dutch. All in all, i think these pictures along with reports, shows the love and passion i have for the funfairs. Yes, all in all, i might say that them funfairs is my biggest hobby/addiction. Also during the 35 years that I live as of today (almost 36 btw), i also find myself to have a creative sense. F.e, I've builded computers, played with k'nex and lego much when i was a kid and teenager, and as of late, because of the dutch seasons of the tv show "lego masters" the love that i had for lego as a child now is coming back to me, and because of that, i've decided to search for a lego forum, and thats where i've found Eurobricks :) Back when i was a little kid, we had lots of normal lego bricks, these were however nothing special, just a lot of 1x2, 2x2, 2x4, 2x8, base plates, little doors and windows, some trees, some wheels, some 2x2 that were round which of the inner part could rotate, and etc etc. Then when i was a few years older, my parents gave my the lego harbor for my birthday. That was my first set actually. I really liked it, and played with it a lot, and so for sinterklaas (a dutch holiday) my parents got me and my brother the police station. Later, when i aged again, i asked money for my birthday telling everyone it was to buy electrical lego train. Ofcourse i wanted the passenger train, but i remember that one actually was too expensive, so i had to settle for the freight train. It might be, because i wanted some extra track pieces and some pieces which let my train be able to switch tracks, and therefor i bought the fright train. Alongside these other bricks we already had, at one point i had build a small town with a harbor, a train station, and lots of colorful buildings that ive desinged myself. There were also some cars that i could move when i wanted to play, that i could move myself. But all of these bricks and these 2 sets were either lost when we moved homes, and also around the time that i turned 18, my little nephew asked me if he could have the train, which i gave to him. But the situation of the little town, thats one i want back, but then a more adult version, without funky colorful buildings made of color patterns that ive chosen randomly without looking what color, what brick had. And because of the 2 series of the tv show lego masters we had/have here in the netherlands, i thought it would be amazing to start to get in love with lego again. Ive thought about what my first big set would be, cause i want to start of with a big one. In the years i always liked complex things, so also with lego i want a challenge. Technic is not really my thing though, as well as starwars. And also for example the colliseum looks complex enough to build, but i dont like the color scheme that much so i think i skip that one, though on the other hand the architecture series looks like fun to build and own so i might in the end ending up with one of these too. If i have to choose, then stuff like lego harry potter, lego the hobbit, lego city, lego friends, and such kind of styles would be more my preference. So now im thinking of getting the big 450 euro hogwarts castle as a start, and build my (fantasy) village from there. I would first start with sets, and then later maybe i will let my imagination run free and build my own buildings as well. Over the upcoming years, i hope that my love (again) for lego stays true, and that i could expand my lego collection now and then. And then, here we are, if you made it this far, I really appreciate that you've read all this. It might have been a wall of text, which I tend to find myself typing more often than I initially want, but sometimes this happens to me, and therefor I understand that not always everyone will read untill this very end. Warm greetings from Martijn aka Mara. p.s Normally I will end with: cheers, mara. So, :) Cheers, Mara