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  1. wolfie

    Imperial Star Destroyer Intimidator MOC-77525

    OK so I bought the instructions for this and have been buying up parts from bricklink to add to my existing spares pile and I have to say holy sh*t this is huge! I keep looking round looking at my monarch moc then looking back at the frame of this wondering if the desk will take the weight and I've only built the first stage of the frame. No chance of any nose droop over time. @SirCharles1977 I salute you
  2. wolfie

    Imperial Star Destroyer Intimidator MOC-77525

    Finished Onecases Monarch MOC and I'm wondering if I'd be able to pull it apart and have most of the parts to build this 1 @SirCharles1977? Has anyone else tried yet?
  3. Nice work. Have you tried 2x2 slopes instead (Part 15608)? Might give a more gradual blend with no gap
  4. wolfie

    Modified UCS AT ST

    Thanks. The neck is still bugging me so I've been scouring bricklink trying to find a solution
  5. I dont understand what Lego was doing with the UCS version. Too many things way out of proportion which does agitate me but after just completely modifying my ucs at st to look more like it should the x wing will probably be my next challenge
  6. You've got me staring at my UCS 1 now wondering if there's a way to sort it out damn you lol
  7. wolfie

    Modified UCS AT ST

    OK so I wouldn't call this an moc its more a this lego kits crap I'm stripping it back and starting again. I've always been disappointed in the UCS AT-ST because its so lacking in detail and completely wrong. Having aspergers it drove me crazy having a 2 tone grey scheme and no detail on the waist so I went to work scrapping the legs and waist and modifying the waist. I sat with my Legacy AT-ST, bandai 1:48 scale model and the few pics I could find and decided to redesign what lego created into what lego should have created. In the great scheme of things its nothing amazing but the turrets were all wrong which I've tried to correct, the legs were completely wrong so I've treaked them and I scrapped the opening hatch which served no purpose and added more detail wherever I can. I'm still not happy with the neck so that will eventually change and I have got the ball joint parts ready to make the legs fully moveable but it will mean creating a stand. Hope you like what you see and any suggestions on further improvements will be happily received 20210609_155456 | Steve Downs | Flickr 20210609_155450 | Steve Downs | Flickr 20210609_155501 | Steve Downs | Flickr 20210609_155507 | Steve Downs | Flickr 20210609_155523 | Modded UCS AT ST | Steve Downs | Flickr
  8. wolfie

    Imperial Star Destroyer Intimidator MOC-77525

    In the middle of building the monarch destroyer by onecase then I spot this. Got the ucs versions so this may be my 4th star destroyer when the latest is completed
  9. wolfie

    UCS Star Destroyer Technic frame

    As others have said it looks like you're 2 pins out. I'm in the middle or re-engineering mine as I've heard it bows over time anyway so I'm adding more support beams plus I want a smoother look on the surfaces so going to order a load of 6180's, 6178's and 6205's plus smaller smooth tiles