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  1. I think this is the much more successful way. Here in Germany it is very hard to get the sets from the CaDa Master series, because they are sold out very quickly. People honor the fact, that it is a complete legal product.
  2. If you have an account at rebrickable.com, you can enter the sets you already own and make a calculation (comparison) of my MOC to see which parts you are missing. It´s also possible to export the missing parts directly to a bricklink wishlist (if you are already bricklink user). If it doesn´t work, just write me a PM at rebrickable with a list of the sets you can use for this MOC, and I can create a list of the missing parts for you.
  3. Hello, after quite some time I have found my way to Eurobricks forum... And even if it's not brand new anymore, in my first post I would still like to introduce my biggest MOC: The Lego Technic Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) for the Lego Ideas Saturn V with integrated Crawler. Special feature: For the basic variant, you only need the parts from three Technic sets: 42055 BWE, 42082 RTC and 42098 car transporter. With the given parts from these three sets, I tried to match the proportions and add details as good as possible. As I dearly missed some details (e.g. the fuel pipes), I added some upgrades to the LUT. But this means to leave the parts bank of the three mentioned sets, and add some more parts. So far I have upgrades for the fuel pipes, a red crane front, more red parts at the tower, and better looking launch pad surface. These functions are fully motorized: Driving forwards/backwards Steering left/right Elevator in the tower up/down Turn the swingarms into start or supply position Hammerhead crane turn left/right Hammerhead crane rope up/down Manually: Damper arm up/down for the transport position Longitudinal position of the rope on the crane Release tail service masts on the launch pad Video to show the functions: https://youtu.be/pB5tYQBT_tY (please ignore my errors in the rendering, and: YES, it was intended to not use the real names ) Building instructions and more pics are available here: rebrickable And the last link: My insta account to follow me: instagram And now some pics: The basic variant: Upgraded variant: Real picture of my MOC: Comparison for the proportions of the original LUT: Feel free to comment or raise some questions!