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    Future Castle Sets?

    True indeed! Let’s make it happen!
  2. Agreed on multiple perspectives. I, too, wish the hideout was brown/dark brown, but I’m just fine with it even being a an actual thing in any color. I’ve said it on multiple platforms, but I really hope they produce too many of them and make them available for VIP points at some point. I never thought we’d get new bard, so that is a very pleasant surprise. Can’t wait to see them with more modern printing and design capabilities. It’s been a while since we last got barding! I’m also hoping to buy those civilian figs in high quantity once they become available on PAB online. I wonder if any other new weapons/heraldry/colors will make an appearance. Very exciting times!
  3. I’m really looking forward to this set, day one purchase for sure. I’m just fine with there only being a queen too because, as others have mentioned, we are severely lacking in medieval female characters. I have enough kings, crowns, and assorted male parts to make kings for every castle faction 5 times over. Female characters are rare. I do hope though, that they don’t reuse the bard torso from the cmf 22 series, and at least do a recolor or something different. Hopefully the video had the cmf torso as a stand in. Either way, no complaints from me because I’ve been collecting this theme since day 1 of the grey castles and have wished for a castle of this size for years. It’s going to be awesome seeing this thing on the shelf in the store and on display. I do hope it leads to an annual large medieval set in the same vein of the modular city buildings.

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Let’s hope Lego overproduces this thing so they end up being available for VIP points later on.
  5. Except the US and Canada (among some others) won’t see the Viking set until August. I’ll need to rely on PAB.
  6. That Viking Village is a terrific build/set. I voted for it when it originally appeared and had hoped Lego would approve it. Let’s get it done this time!
  7. Promobricks has had a recent run of solid descriptions of sets recently a few weeks before getting the pictures. Like you said, this will be nice to get to give us something to salivate over before the pictures come rolling in.
  8. I’d rather have the minifigures. I can buy more pieces, but I need Lego to introduce more minifig prints to expand the characters.
  9. I doubted this one too for similar reasons, but others have shown up in the UK so it seems to be legit. I like mine to match as well, could always just cover it up with a physical cape if needed….though that would still bother me knowing it was under there. They’ll probably be a separate unit for the BF army for me.
  10. Well I’m pleased to be wrong on this one. Looks like some others have shown up around the UK. This is just awesome. Classic helmets were there as well.
  11. Those peasant torsos may also be real then. Fingers crossed!
  12. You’re not kidding. If this is the kind of stuff they’ll put out (new torso prints, etc) then I’m fine with Castle/Vikings living in this area without a full theme. Looks like it’s actually THREE new torsos in this set. I don’t know, that printing, especially on the back, looks a bit 3rd party to me. The person who posted it seems to dabble in custom stuff. Also, I’d prefer to see that picture inside the store with other torsos rather than displayed on its own at home. I’m not buying this one but am more than happy to eat crow if it turns out to be true.
  13. I’m shocked that we’re getting any new torsos in the Viking set….but THREE?! Wow. No doubt we’ll be seeing some/all of them show up in the 90th anniversary set. Really makes you wonder why they couldn’t include a real civilian minifig in the medieval castle 3 in 1 set though. We’re going to crash the PAB servers after these things become available.
  14. Agreed on the competition. However, put me down for more minifigs. I’ll take the animals in city/other sets, but this is where we get the mini figures (new torso/leg prints, colors of weapons, armor, headwear, etc). That’s what I’m looking for. I want the money poured into that before even the size of the castle….I end up tweaking/using the parts anyhow.
  15. I’m confident those Peach’s Castle pieces will be showing up in the 90th anniversary set. Might even stick with the same color if it’s the Lion Castle as rumored. No worries from me on the 3 in 1 thing, this will be a Creator Expert set. I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll see a bunch of new medieval figs which will make the online Pick a Brick site crash when those elements become available. Long time Castle fans are hungry for that stuff.