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  1. notmarvei

    [ MOC ]Croco Island

    Laying in his cosy cabin, Captain Pete just wants to spend his remaining days peacefully on „Croco Island“. Palm trees, a sandy beach and the gentle breeze from the ocean, everything could be fine. But arrr, those young rivaling pirates try to get hold of Captain Pete’s treasure! Good thing he’s well prepared: Not everything is as it seems… VOTE NOW > Croco Island Croco Island 2 Croco Island 3 Croco Island 4 Croco Island 5 Croco Island 6 Croco Island 8 This is an entry to the Bricklink Designer Program, so feel free to head over to Bricklink and vote for "Croco Island" to help make it an official set. Thanks a ton! :) VOTE NOW >
  2. notmarvei

    Eurobricks' Licensed Cozy Corners Contest - Entry Topic

    Captain Jack entered another vessel and made himself a nice cozy corner to plan his future adventures...and oh, seems like he brought a small pet with him: Captain Jack's Cozy Corner