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  1. I love the MOD of the cement mixer! I didn't like the original set but the addition of a nose and three axle configuration are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more MOCs and MODs from you as these trucks are in the scale I like to build in. I also like the idea of using coffee beans as concrete
  2. This is an older MOC that I made a month or two ago. It is a full rc front loader garbage truck. Power Functions are: 1x AA Battery box (for power) 2x IR receiver (for control) 1x M-motor (for steering) 1x XL-motor(for drive) 2x L-motor (for front fork and rear crusher
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    Hi, I'm The Lego Room

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  4. Thanks! That sounds like a great MOC idea. There are not many technic garbage trucks.
  5. I have a RC garbage truck in corvette scale! Topic And the most important picture...
  6. Correct! Sometime I will make a updated edition with drive reduction and better braced gears
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    Chicken Delivery Truck Moc

    I love all these silly delivery truck ideas! I think I must try this idea out!
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    MOC - Pants Delivery Truck

    I love this thing!
  9. I like this set, but not the colors. I will still buy it for parts and to mod though.
  10. That is odd, but there will be more possibilities with this change