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  1. ReAcTd_Turtle

    Risk of buying retired sets with large # of brown parts

    For me, these sets were stored in sealed bags, in a sealed trunk and in climate controlled conditions. So never exposed to extreme temps, hot or cold, or to sunlight. I think I just got unlucky.
  2. ReAcTd_Turtle

    Risk of buying retired sets with large # of brown parts

    I have this set (UCS Sandcrawler), bought it new in 2016. When I built it the first time, a few of the reddish brown 1x1 clips and 1x1 circles broke. I recently put this set back together, where I lost a few more clips and circles. But, when I took it apart, almost every reddish brown plate in the set broke or cracked (grand total of 159 broken pieces). I have over 100 sets going all the way back to the early 1980's and this and the Ghostbuster's Firehouse (note: I only had 3 dark red and reddish brown pieces break from this set) are the only two where I have ever had even one piece break, let alone over 150. I put in a request to Lego to see if they'll replace these for me since I bought it through them. Sounds like Lego has addressed the issue, but here's hoping I don't have to go through BrickLink for replacements that could be the "inferior" versions.