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  1. It'd be just like King Leo, Queen Leonora, and Princess Storm!
  2. morthaur

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    I was one of the ones who said it didn’t. That was a mistake because I was looking at the total ($150 and change), rather than the subtotal (which was under the threshold).
  3. morthaur

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    It seems standard pieces don’t count. I had $152 ($24 standard PaB) in my cart; didn’t qualify. Added a $30 set and got the hideout. EDIT: it was late and I was looking at the price with tax. Standard parts DO count.
  4. morthaur

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    It says Bricks and Pieces orders do not qualify, but Pick a Brick should, right?
  5. morthaur

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    If they ever do another Raya set, it'd be nice to use the new mold for Namaari's serlot. She's supposed to ride the cat, so it was rather disappointing that the existing set used the housecat mold.
  6. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    Brown bricks from the past couple of years should be ok. The problem was something with the color mix for several years after switching to reddish brown.
  7. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    This occurred long after they went out of stock. Maybe I'll get an extra set from BrickLink some time.
  8. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    That's a common problem with reddish brown and dark red pieces from that time period. I've lost many pieces the same way, including the kings printed legs :(
  9. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    An intimacy coordinator would be required even for just a kiss. It's a bit of a leap to say the show is going full Game of Thrones without more info. And it's worth mentioning that there's nudity in Tolkien's work: the Hobbits running naked over the barrows, and Nienor fleeing naked from Glaurung off the top of my head. In the movies, Gandalf was naked after he was sent back to Middle Earth. It's possible to have nudity without being as explicit as GoT.
  10. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    I love the white/gold armor combo.
  11. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    My personal suspicion is that it was actually an in-house version of Star Wars. I base this purely on my experience of building Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster: a starfighter that dramatically switches its wings into attack position, piloted by a knight with powers and a laser sword, and copiloted by his trusty droid sidekick.
  12. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    > The 3 different models can be attached to each other to create an eye-catching mega castle if 3 separate boxes are purchased. Official confirmation that they link. Shame there’s no picture of the mega castle.
  13. morthaur

    Gray Colored Paradise Pony Figure

    The mold appears to be ever so slightly different (eye hole looks deeper on the brown one), but it’s a very good copy!
  14. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    Ah, that part was retired in favor of the new wall panels way back in the Kingdoms era. I wouldn’t expect to see it again.
  15. morthaur

    Future Castle Sets?

    The wall part in the video was just used this year (in white) for the temple in the Raya & Sisu Dragon set.